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Either a stratus cloud or cumulonimbus.

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Q: What type of cloud will be seen during a stormy day?
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What type of clouds will be seen during stormy days?


What does the clouds represents?

it depends which cloud it is, it might mean you are a stormy type of person.

What type of cloud would you see on a cold stormy day?

its a cumulonimbus clouds that you see

What type of weather is it during a thunderstorm?


When can a Thunderhead be seen?

A Thunderhead is a type of cloud. A Thunderhead may be seen during a thunderstorm and the best chance to see them would be along cold front squall lines.

What type of cloud is formed in a thunderstorm?

A cumulonimbus cloud is formed during thunderstorms.

What is today's cloud type?

The cloud type depends on the height and formation of the cloud. Cloud types will be different for different locations during the same time period, therefore, will vary depending on location.

True or false are stratus clouds seen higher than altocumulus clouds?

Unlikely, since by definition strutus is a low cloud type while Ac is a middle-level cloud type.

What kind of cloud occur in a tsunami?

No type of cloud is associated with tusnamis, as a tsunami is not a weather-related phenonomenon. A tsunami can occur during absolutely any type of weather.

What type of clouds grow during a tornado?

When a tornado forms it often produces a funnel cloud.

What is the lowest type of cloud in the sky?

The cirrus is the lowest type of cloud.

What clouds form during a stationary front?

cumulusThe type of cloud is cumulus cloud because it has a flat bottom surface. Cumulus clouds bring clear weather.