What type of dog does Mark Walberg have in the movie 'Shooter'?

I can't say for sure ... but it looked like it was a dead ringer for an old dog of ours .. he was 1/2 St. Bernard, half German shepherd. In his prime he weighed in at around 125 - 130 .. we had him when we lived out in Northwest Arctic Alaska. Tough dog, got in more than his share of scraps with more animals than I probably know about. He was always the alpha male dog no matter where we went with him .. but our two kids were both newborns around him = he had as much to do with raising them as my wife and I they would crawl all over him, pull on his tongue or tail or both sometimes, always slept in their rooms. He never did learn the beer trick ... but we did teach him to carry a salmon up from the bank of the river up to the filleting table... come to think of it ... I did have a buddy that used to give him beer from time to time.... honestly .... forgot about that.

His name was Trapper. Lived to be 15 years old.

I'd love to hear what kind of dog that actually was in the movie. Really did look like the spitting image of our old mutt. Everyone in the family that saw the movie commented on it.

I've read conversations with the owner of the dog and he says he is a bernese mountain dog mastiff cross. He said there starting to be called Mountain Mastiffs. Im having a hard time finding informtion out online about them but the owner wrote he was able to. Maybe im just looking in the wrong place!

Hope it helps!


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Hey, just reading all the replies with a bit of a chuckle. JR you are correct.. I am the closest because it is in fact my dog. I am the trainer of the dog in the movie. He is an English Mastiff Bernese Mtn X. We reside in Vancouver BC.