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If you are reffering to the black and white dog, I think it is a Karelian Bear dog.


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In the Dec. 2011 Lexus TV commercial "Ringtone," the dog featured looks like an Australian Shepherd, although its tail is not docked. The first couple of times I saw this TV commercial, I thought it was a black-and-white pit bull, but the dog has long hair.

well you see, it is a very rare breed of teacup poodle mixed heartily with a pug and a seaside retriver.

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It is a Pomeranian puppy. Her name is Bella.

West Highland White Terrier, AKA Westie or White Terrier

That would be the commercial for Gravy Train dog food.the dog food that makes its own gravy when water is added.

i am pretty sure the breed is a west highland terrier. (Westie)

Do NOT give your dog human medication. Seek the advise of a vet..

Looks like a pit bull type dog, maybe an American Bulldog mix.

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Chopper is the dog in the Travelers Insurance commercial. Chopper is not a purebred dog and his exact breed is unknown.

There is a commercial where a college aged kid in a wheelchair adopts a dog, but I don't think the dog is crippled. This commercial is for MilkBone.

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The dog that rides the wagon that is being pulled by a team of Clydesdale horses is a Dalmatian. Another Budweiser commercial featured an Afghan riding in the front seat of a convertible. The black and white dog that fetches a Bud Light out of cooler is a Border Collie. See Sources and related links for videos.

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