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Q: What type of erosion that can cause dunes?
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What type of erosion formed sand dunes?

my conclusions are either glacial or solar

Where does wind cause the most erosion?

Places with sand like beaches or sand dunes

What functions do dunes play in erosion on the beach?

Dunes are a natural barrier and therefore minimize erosion.

What type of erosion form large sand dunes?

my conclusions are either glacial or solar

What creates dunes?

wind erosion creates sand dunes

What erosion forms sand dunes?

Sand dunes are not formed by the process of erosion, they are formed by the process of aeolian deposition.

Are dunes deposition?

Yes. Since dunes are the result of erosion, they are categorized as deposition.

Are sand dunes and deltas examples of erosion?

No, they are examples of deposition, not erosion.

Are the sand dunes in Florida different from the dunes in california?

They were both formed by wind erosion.

What force forms sand dunes?


What are some features of erosion?

Sand dunes.

How can levees cause erosion?

Because the from of the plants are the same type of the erosion