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Bottlenose dolphins eat mostly tuna fish or fish big enough to swallow and they also eat squid.

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What type of fish will a bottlenose dolphin eat?

cuttlefish. and alot of other fish that are smaller than it.

Is a bottlenose dolphin a carnivore?

Yes, they eat fish.

Is a bottlenose dolphin a carnivore herbivore or omnonivore?

Carnivore, they eat mainly of small fish, crustaceans and squid but diet varies by location

How does a bottlenose dolphin eat?

They eat it with their mouth. They also like to catch food in pairs, so that it is easier to catch a fish.

Is a bottlenose dolphin a herbivore?

Herbivores eat plants, and dolphins eat fish (meat) so they are carnivores. Bottlenose dolphins eat mainly small fish and occasionally squid, crabs, and shrimp, among other small animals.

What does the Bottlenose Dolphin eat?

The bottlenose dolphin eats a variety of fish, squid, and crustaceans, but most like fish, though.Bottlenose dolphins eat a wide variety of fishes, squids, and crustaceans depending on their location. They eat approximately 4% to 5% of their body weight in food per day, meaning they spend a great deal of time searching for food and feeding.Here are some specific things they eat:squidoctopischooling fishshrimpcrabsThey eat a variety of fish, squids, and crustaceans.fishThe bottle nose dolphin usually eats squid, shrimp and krill.

What do bottlenose dolphin eat?

anchobies and squid

What type of fish does a dolphin eat?


What kind of fish do dolphin eat in the wild?

They eat any type of fish that they can catch!

What do bottlenose dolphin calves eat?

its mother milk

What type of food does a dolphin eat?

Dolphins eat smaller fish

What is the main part of a Bottlenose Dolphins life?

A bottlenose dolphin has the same purpose in life that every life form does; to eat, grow, and reproduce. From microbe to man, from aardvark to zebra, life is about living and reproducing. That's how we DEFINE life. It consumes energy and reproduces. For a bottlenose dolphin, its purpose in life is to eat fish and raise baby dolphins.

What does a Bottlenose Dolphin calf eat and where does it get its food?

its mother milk

Do bottlenose dolphins eat parrot fish?

Bottlenose dolphins eat a variety of fish. There would be no reason they would not eat a parrot fish if the situation presented itself.

What type of crustaceans do dolphin eat?

shrimps or crabs......... they also eat bony fish!!

What does bottlenose dolphins eat?

They eat fish and squid.

Bottlenose dolphin food chain?

they eat turtles and killer whales

What do bottlenose whales eat?

Bottlenose whales eat squid and virtually any fish that they can catch up to in speed.

What do bottlenose dolphins eat in captivity?

Bottlenose dolphins in captivity eat whatever fish they are being fed by their caretakers.

What do bottlenose eat?

bottlenose dolphins eat a wide variety of fish, squid, and crustaceans while offshore bottlenose dolphins prefer squid.To be more specific, They eat mackerel, mullet, herring, and cod, but will eat any fish if there is a shortage of them in their area.

When do Bottlenose Dolphins eat?

Bottlenose dolphins eat from 4 to 6% of their weight in fish every day. They sometimes follow shrimp boats to eat the discarded fish from the shrimp nets.

What are the enemies for the bottle nosed dolphin?

the Michael decker likes to eat bottlenose dolphins

Do killer whales eat bottlenose dolphin?

As of yet their have been no known observations of Orca whales eating bottlenose dolphins. As of now this suggests the answer is no.

What do a dolphin eat?

they eat fish and squid

What about dolphin eat?

Dolphins eat fish.(;