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Argon is a monoatomic noble gas

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What type of bond does argon gas have?

None whatsoever. Argon is a monatomic gas.

What type of gas is in argon?

It is a noble gas.

Is argon any kind of metal?

no, argon is a type of gas

What type of compound is argon?

Argon is not a compound at all. It is an element. Specifically it is a noble gas.

What gas is in an extinguisher?

Nitrogen or Argon depending on the type.

What is in the fire extinguisher gas?

Nitrogen or Argon depending on the type.

What type of gas does the encasement for the declaration of independence contain?


What elements make up argon?

Argon is a noble gas. Argon gas is only composed of argon

Is argon an inert gas?

argon is an inert gas

Is argon gas?

Yes, argon is a noble gas.

Do a noble gas have argon?

Argon is a noble gas

Is the argon noble gas?

argon is a noble gas

What type of gas helps light bulbs last longer?


Is argon a gas liquid or synthetic?

Argon is a gas. It is not synthetic.

What is inert argon gas?

All argon gas is inert.

What instrument measures the purity of Argon gas?

An argon gas analyzer measures the purity of Argon gas. The analyzer can be used to determine the actual content of Argon gas in a specific sample.

What mineral is argon in?

argon is a gas

Is argon hard?

No, argon is a gas.

Is argon a liquid gas or solid?

At normal temperature and pressure it is a gas.

Is argon gas homogeneous?

Pure argon gas is a homogeneous substance.

Is Mercury argon Gas poisonous?

Mercury argon gas does not exist.

Is argon a coloured gas?

No. Argon is a colourless odourless noble gas.

What is a description for argon?

Argon is a noble gas.

What does a gas laser need to work?

I belive one type is an argon laser.

Is argon gas a heterogenous mixture?

No. Argon gas is a pure substance. It is a noble gas element

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