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What type of girls do boys like?


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April 17, 2010 9:48PM

Types of girls boys like

  • Boys are boys, but the real men look for the smart girls. The true men look past looks and love girls for who they really are in general everyday life. Guys look for confidence in a girl, they also wish respect as they will give in return.
  • I'm a boy and I like girls with these personalities: funny, fun to be with, can take care of themselves, smell good, kiss good, aren't mean, kind and help you out
  • Every boy has a different taste. For example, I like shy, natural, quiet girls and I can't stand makeup-smudged and loud ones. There's a difference between being loud and enjoying a good laugh and chat of course. Obviously other guys have different tastes, since girls I can't stand the slightest seem to be popular with many other guys often.