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constitutional monarchy

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Q: What type of government is Tonga?
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What leader does Tonga have?

Tonga is a Constitutional Monarchy so it has the Monarch (King George Tupou IV) at the head of its government.

What has the author David J E Smith written?

David J. E. Smith has written: 'Tonga' -- subject(s): Management, Government information, Tonga, Tonga. Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Information Section, Communication in agriculture, Government publicity

Is Tonga a pacific island kingdom?

Tonga was once part of the British empire. It is now a small island group with a constitutional monarch style government.

What type of island is Tonga?

Tonga is an island with very blue water with islands filled with green palm trees and bushes. (I'm sorry if this does not answer your question.)

What was Tonga first before it was named Tonga?

Tonga was always Tonga when it started. But it orgionally called the Tu'i Tonga Empire when it started in 900BC

What is mate ma'a Tonga?

It means "I will die for Tonga"

What is Tonga's name?

The official name of Tonga is the Kingdom of Tonga.

Your name is Tonga what does Tonga mean?

If its the polynesian word "Tonga" it means south

Is Samoa richer than Tonga in money?

Tonga is. But Samoa is Bigger than Tonga.

Who was the king of Tonga when the war of Samoa and Tonga started?

Talakaifaiki of the Tu'i Tonga Dynasty

How does tourism affects Tonga?

It generates revenue and income from the tourists buying souvenirs. Also, the income that a store's owner (if it isn't owned by the government) spends it on goods generating revenue to Tonga's government. This is basically, of how all countries, get tourism's effect.

Is Tonga in Africa?

No Tonga is in the south pacific