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Q: What type of lanyard absorbs the least amount of force?
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Which of the following groups absorbs the least amount of calcium?

Adult men

What absorbs and radiates energy with the least amount of temperature change?


Why white roof keeps a house cooler?

White absorbs the least amount of light.

When detaining a person for a security violation always ensure the amount of force used is?

Least amount of force

What colour helps ice melt slower?

White, because it is the most reflective (absorbs the least amount of light).

What is the least amount of force needed to hit a baseball out of the stadium?

around 246 newtons of force

What pulley can lift weight with the least amount of force?

Pulley X

What age group of people absorbs the least amount of calcium?

A male aged 3 -5. They only need 500mg of calcium!

What color container would you use to hold ice cubes in so that the ice is preserved the longest?

white, for it absorbs the least amount of light.

What is a fall protection lanyard?

A lanyard is another name for a rope or line. In fall protection it is a fall stopping or fall arrest component of a fall protection system. A fall protection lanyard is designed with a section what will stretch out when the weight of a person lands on it, thus reducing the shock to the person of being stopped while falling. Once used to stop a fall, it can never be reused. The lanyard connects your body harness to a designated anchor point that should be rated to hold at least three times the maximum amount of weight that might fall on it. A lanyard is sometimes called your life line because it can literally save your life..

What pulley system will lift the weight using the least amount of effort force?

balls. =))

Identify the correct order of the continuum of force from the least amount of force to the most amount of force?

Very basically, it goes as follows: Presence Verbal commands Hands on control/Fighting Non-lethal weapons Deadly force (lethal weapons)