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Q: What type of magma does the eyjafjallajokull produce?
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Was the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull predicted?

The Eyjafjallajokull volcano was predicted because the only way was to see if there were any earthquakes or tremors or magma.

Would the typemagma mean the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano has high medium or low in viscosity?

And what was the type magma from the eyjafjell volcano? It was BASALTIC and baslatic magma is a LOW viscosity, which means when erupted the lava flows easily on very gentle slopes.

What type of volcano is eyjafjallajokull?


What type of a volcano is eyjafjallajokull?


What relationship appears to exist between the chemical composition of the magma and the type volcano that is produce?

i dont know that why i asking

What type of magma will produce explosive eruptions?

Felsic magmas that are high in silica content and are highly viscous produce explosive eruptions.

Is there magma on Mars?

No. Mars has cooled so that i can no longer produce magma.

What type of magma is thick and slow moving?

The type of magma which is thick and slow is Felsic Magma.

Which set of magma conditions produces the most explosive eruptions?

Magma is a hot fluid from deep within the Earth's crust. The set of magma conditions that produce the most explosive eruptions are high viscosity and the presence of dissolved gases.

What type of magma does surtsey have?

mafic magma

What kind of magma produce violent eruptions?

The magma that can produce a violent eruptions is those rich in silica,fluid,iron, and forming shield volcano.

What rock can be formed on the eyjafjallajokull volcano?

The rock that is formed is an igneous rock. It's formed when the magma aka lava cools down it turns into a rock which is an igneous rock.