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concave mirror

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Q: What type of mirror would you use to view an enlarged image of an object?
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When an object is inside the focal point of a concave mirror what kind of image always results?

An upright image, which is called a virtual image. If the focal point was outside of a concave mirror, then it would be a real image, which is inverted.

An object 5 millimeter high is located 15 millimeter in front of a plane mirror How far from the mirror is the image located?

The distance between the object and mirror is 15 mm. The distance between the image and mirror is 15 mm. Therefore, the distance between the image and object is 15 mm plus 15 mm which equals 30 mm.

How would you describes the image formed by a convex mirror?

The image formed by a convex mirror is upright and larger than the object.

How would you describe your image in a plane mirror?

A plane mirror forms an erect, virtual image of the same size as the object. As a person gets closer to a plane mirror, the image gets larger.

How does image change in its size and location as the object comes nearer the concave mirror?

this will depend.

How would you compare the images formed in the plane mirror to a rear view mirror of a Car?

In a plane mirror, the image size is of same size as that of the object, but in the rear view mirror, the image size is smaller than that of the mirror.

What is a virtual image?

In optics, a virtual image is an image in which the outgoing rays from a point on the object never actually intersect at a visable point. However, if these rays were stretched out they would intersect at a point behind the mirror/surface.

What creates an image that appears behide the mirror as light bounces back and forth between the mirror and the object being reflected?

This would be plane mirrors.

What does reflectional symmetry mean in math?

It means literally if you reflected the object through the centre of the image, at a specific angle, in a mirror you would get the same image on the mirror with that on the other side. So or example the letter A has one line of reflectional symmetry because if you put a mirror vertically along it, you would see the same image on the mirror as the side that you weren't looking at.

Why do objects in the rear view mirror appear closer than they are?

The light from an object falls on the mirror. If these rays were to be extended backwards then they would meet behind the mirror making the image also at the back of the mirror. We can't catch this image on the screen. The image looks smaller due to one of the laws of depth perception. This makes the image look even smaller.

If the object has a height of 4 millimeters the hight of the image is?

You mean the image of the object after it focuses though mirror of a lens? To know that, you would also have to know the distance from the object to the lens/mirror and either distance to the image or focal length of the lens/mirror or magnification. So in other words, there is not enough information in the question. This question should be pretty straight forward, so I recommend to just read your physics book/notes.

If an object is closer to a convex lens than one focal length the image is .?

If an object lies within the focal length of a convex lens, its image will be erect, bigger in size and virtual. It will be on the same side of the object.