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homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures are separated by evaporation

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Q: What type of mixture can only be separated by evaporation?
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What type of mixture is seperated by effusion and condensation?

The type of mixture is separated by effusion and condensation is gaseous. Filtration separates solids from liquids by using a porous barrier.

What type of mixture could not be separated by filtration?

For example a mixture of solid materials.

What type of species can be separated by HPLC but not by gas liquid chromatography?

mixture of enantiomers can be separated by HPLC

What is type of mixture paint?

A homogeneous mixture; but after a period of time the solvent can be separated and the paint need homogenization.

How can a mixtures be separated?

Methods are: distillation, sieving, decantation, filtration, ion exchange - depending on the type of mixture.

What type of mixture is a sugar dissolves in water?

yes because it can be separated without using chemicals

What type of mixture are separated by the technique of crystallisation?

homogeneous mixtures of a pure solid in the form of its crystals from solution are separated by the technique of crystallization.Read more: What_type_of_mixtures_are_separated_by_the_technique_of_crystallization

What are three types of heterogeneous?

Mixed nuts at a party is a type of heterogeneous mixture that can be separated simply by pouring.

What plus type of mixture is a jar of coins?

A jar of coins can not be necessarily called as any sort of mixture as it would include articles of same type. It would rather be better to ask what type of mixture makes up a coin itself. Well, most coins are made up of 'alloy', which is a homogeneous mixture of several metals, prepared by mixing them in the molten state.

Which type of mixture looks like a single substance and cannot be separated with filter paper?

A heterogeneous mixture (solution) looks like a single substance.

Is liquorice allsorts a hetrogeneous mixture?

Yes, licorice allsorts is considered a type of heterogeneous mixture. Many of its components are visible and can be separated. They are also not uniform in composition.

Does the type of container affect the evaporation?

Evaporation only happens at the surface. So a wider container that allows for a greater surface to be in contact with air, the faster the evaporation.