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Deer slugs are the shotgun shells to use when deer hunting.

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Q: What type of modern shotgun shell can you use in a Fox double barrel shotgun model B-BSE for deer hunting?
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Where to find a modern reproduction double barrel shotgun?


Whats it worth Eclipse double barrel hammer lock shotgun?

Hang it on a wall. Not worth more that 100 USD and not safe to fire with modern loads.

What modern barrel will fit with marlin co 120 magnum shotgun?


What is the standard barrel length of a modern smokeless powder shotgun?

8 anals wide

What is a browning special steel shot shotgun?

Identifies the barrel as suitable for modern loads.

Does Winchester manufacture a double barrel shotgun in a 16 gauge?

Presently no, but they certainly have in the past. In the modern era both the Model 21 & the model 24 were both made in 16 guage.

What are some types of hunting?

modern firearm (rifle,shotgun,handgun), Primitive (archery,muzzle loader) Trapping

Double barrel rabbit ears WHHamilton shotgun looking for info on it and what its worth?

The W.H.Hamilton 12 Guage shotgun is from the turn of the century. Look for either Damascus or Belgum Twist on the barrel to deermine the era. In good shape it may sell at auction from $200 + - all depending on the completeness and shape. Do not use with modern high velocity powders. Most sell for wall hangings for $150 in average shape.

What is the value of a double barrel shotgun serial number 95348 with exposed hammers?

If it is marked 'American Gun Company' on the sideplate, it would be worth $200 tops. Primarily considered as a mantle decoration and unsafe to shoot with modern ammunition.

When was the shotgun made by eclypse gun co. The damascus double barrel with hammers?

Eclipse Gun Company is a name found on Belgian manufactured double barrels from around 1900-1916. The manufacturer was Henri Pieper. Please note that the Damascus barrels were meant for BLACK POWDER shotshells, and should not be fired with modern day ammo.

Can you use modern shells in a 12 gauge Syracuse Arms shotgun serial 14426 marked New Twist on top of the right barrel?

No. Very dangerous.

What does K D Y mean on remington model 1900 shotgun?

KD stands for damascus barrel I do not know what the Y stands for. You should not fire the gun with a damascus barrel because it is weaker and might explode with modern shells