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Glycogen is an organic compound.


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You get glucose molecules after hydrolysis of the glycogen molecule. There are thousands of glucose molecule in one molecule of the glycogen.

glycogen (biomolecule)(Wolfram Alpha)

The glycogen is polymer of glucose. So glucose is monomer of glycogen. You get one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose from one molecule of cane sugar. So when one molecule of glucose will combine with one molecule of fructose, you will get one molecule of cane sugar.

Glycogen. They do so because any type of storage molecule must be insoluble whenever it comes in contact with water. Glycogen is also insoluble therefore it makes glucose easily storable in glycogen.

There are several advantages because the glycogen molecule is branched. It is a better storage facility for glucose because the branches make it more soluble, and the glycogen is also synthesized more quickly.

The carbohydrate energy storage molecule of animals is glycogen. Glycogen is a substance deposited in bodily tissues as a store of carbohydrates.

No because it is a branched molecule.

Glycogen is the main storage molecule in animals. Glycogen is formed by alpha glucose molecules and glycosidic bonds. It is stored in the liver and muscles.

glucose molecules because glycogen is stored glucose formed from glucose linkages

A starch in plants, glycogen in animals.

To serve as a storage molecule for glucose.

stuck together and can be used for energy

Glycogen is the odd one out. This is because glycogen exists as a long chain molecule where as the others exist as single molecules.Glycogen is actually made of lots of glucose molecules linked together.Hope this helps!

No it isn't. The molecule is too big to be soluble in water.

Glycogen is the primary short term energy storage in animal cells. It is made in both muslces and the liver. Glycogen is basically the energy reservoir for the glucose cycle. .................................................................................................................................. Answer Glycogen is the main energy storage material in animals and animals store excess glucose as glycogen. Also, Glycogen its a large molecule,so it can store lots of energy.

1-3 ATP molecules are produced from one glucose molecule

Glycogen is the molecule used to store extra glucose into a MAMMAL'S muscles.

no it does not carohydrates include: things such as glycogen, sucrose, fructose, glucose. where the water molecule is bonded to the rest of the molecule

The principle storage molecule for glucose in plants is starch . The principle storage molecule for glucose in animal cells is glycogen.

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