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They focus on the genre, EDM. EDM stands for electronic dance music.


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Children tend to only focus when classical music is played, any other type of genre does not help.

Sub Focus - album - was created on 2009-10-12.

Splash - Sub Focus song - was created in 2009.

Sub Focus is the stage name of Nick Douwma. Check the link below for more information.

people focus in different ways so not everyone can focus with music playing. but for the people who can focus with music it is because the music relaxes them and they focus better when relaxed. Also some people focus when they are having fun and if they are listening to 'fun' music they can focus. it is different for each and every person. we all focus differntly and so...... isn't PEOPLE people, such a strange word!!

Bluegrass music was performed by VS Band. It is a form of American roots music and a sub-genre of country music. It also has roots in Scottish, Irish, and English traditional music.

The most common music genre of today is pop and its sub-genres. I'm more of a punk and hardcore kind of girl ;)

KISS is a rock 'n roll band. Specifically, they are part of the sub-genre of rock music known as "glam rock."

It helps people block out other noises and focus more on what their doing therefore music helps people concentrate then without music.

Children need to focus on their food so music takes them off focus

Their are a few cultural patterns that sub-Saharan African models focus on in the Nubain society. Most of them focus on cooking, health, history and hobbies.

No, it is not a proven fact that music helps you focus better. However, there have been studies that light, relaxing music can reduce anxiety.

at all depends on the type of person...some people fly through work because music helps them focus, but some can't concentrate on two things

Music is helpful to childrens learning. Music helps a child focus

Agriculture is the focus of farming and all things involved with it. The sub areas within this field are industrial, organic, and crop.

Acid House is a type of music that is considered to be a sub-genre of house music. Acid House was developed in the mid 1980's in Chicago, Illinois, by DJs that performed in the area.

by focusing on something that does not include them or their music or anything that has something to do with music focus on stuff like math going on adventures your job and things that are good to focus on all the time

LPF setting: typically 60-100Hz. Most use ~80Hz. Depending on the sub and the type of music You listen to, if set too low the sub won't put out the wanted frequencies; to high and power is wasted on higher frequencies.

it's a type of music from Honduras

It depends on what type of music that you are interested in. The website list all kinds of music classes that are in the Denver area. Go City Kids ( is a directory of kids activities in the US, and includes a list of music classes geared toward children, including four year olds.

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