What type of nuts do piranha eat?


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Piranhas don't eat nuts.

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WE can eat piranhas. I don't reccommend it though;)

Yes they eat any type of dead meat

A piranha eat flesh of human beings. The have sharp teeth.

Chipmunks eat acorns, which are also known as oak nuts.

There is a red belly piranha which eats meat and also a pacu which eat plant and veggie and which is a type of piranha

a piranha eat all day every day

Deer love acorns, but they will eat about any kind of nuts or seeds.

Yes they can eat pine nuts but not the salty snack food type. Raw nuts and legumes are fine for the birds.

yes 1 no a grop yes

A piranha would probaly eat a capybara if it fel in the water.

A piranha fish is a fish that has teeth like needles and eat meat

A lot of vegans do eat nuts, but if you are a strict raw vegan they usually do not. A vegan with nut allergies might also not eat nuts. There are nuts that are dry roasted and have gelatin in it and vegans do stay away from those type of nuts.

Type your answer here... yes

The black piranha is the most dangerous type of piranha even though many people claim the red piranha to be the most dangerous

They can and they are. It is a quite popular dish in some places. If you fish for piranha, you should take in account that often when the piranha takes the bite, the bleeding of the hooked piranha will attract other piranha who will try to eat it.

It depends on what type of bird it is if it was a big bird yes!

Herbivore means plant eater. Piranhas aren't plants. No herbivore would eat a piranha.

Raccoons eat fruits, berries and nuts, all from plants.

Brazil Nuts =) also paeille

Yes, if a piranha in a shoal was injured or displayed weakness the others would eat it.

Squirrels eat nuts.

Parrots don't eat fish, the are herbivores not carnivores. They eat seeds, nuts and fruits

There are no species of vegetarian piranha fish. All piranha species are omnivores and eat both meat and vegetable matter.

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