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His favorite subject was Ballet dancers, who he painted at dancing school and at performances.

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Degas was well known for his ballerina paintings

he didn't only paint ballerinas, he painted other things to, check out other paintings by Edward degas in books from the library or on the Internet!

paintings, drawings and sculptures

About 1200 Degas paintings are known today.

Yes, mainly through capturing stills of subjects in motion. Click link below!

He painted about 1200 paintings. About one fourth of them ought to have been painted in the spring.

There are two Degas paintings of that name. One from 1890, now in the Orsay Museum, Paris. The other from 1898/99, now in the Pushkin Museum, Moscow.

Most of the 1200 he painted.Most of his paintings.

Degas painted in the impressionist style.

About 1200 paintings and 75 small-scale sculptures by Degas are known.Some well-known titles are:The Bellelli Family (1858-1867)Woman with Chrysanthemums (1865)Chanteuse de Café (c.1878)At the Milliner's (1882)He also made many paintings of ballet dancers.

Degas' paintings are held in high esteem for their beauty and the amount of skill involved with completing them. His images of ballerinas are particularly well regarded.

Degas' inspiration to create came from his passion for the Parisian life with its theatres, dancehalls, circuses and perhaps his favourite subjects of all the racetracks and ballet. It is estimated Degas made approximately 1500 paintings, pastels, prints and drawings of dancers.

Mainly in Paris. In 1872-73 he visited relatives in New Orleans and made quite a few paintings there as well. He liked to paint INSIDE, but he also painted horses at the races.

Check out the related links for some paintings and pictures of the painter Edgar Degas.

Degas is most famous for his painting and sculptures of women and girls dancing and of ballet. Back in Paris in 1861, Degas executed a few history paintings (a painting that depicts a historical event; then regarded as the highest branch of painting). From 1862 to 1870 Degas painted portraits of his friends and family.

Both of them have painted families, Degas in more instances.

His favorite subject was ballet dancers, training or performing.

There are six paintings of this title, but no two are alike.

Most people thought his paintings were good especially his ones of dancers.

Degas was most famous for his painting of ballet and of dance. He also began his career painting portraits, though. Some of his other works include portraits, sketches of women, sculptures (mostly of dancers and ballerinas), and some landscapes.

He studied the human body in action. because he had his own dance studio and when the girls ( dancers ) had a break he sketched them. and then when he was all alone , he painted his paintings.

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