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Q: What type of people Princeton university accepts?
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What do Princeton and rice university in common?

Type your answer here...Ivy League

What type is Princeton from Mindless Behavior?

What type of boy is Princeton from mindless behavior

How many people die each year from being hit by a coconut?

According to Princeton University estimates 114 people died in 2010 through direct coconut impact deaths. A further 14 died from related injuries (but seriously,what type of quetion is that?)

Does Princeton like girls with long hair?

Princeton likes girls with any type of hair or hair style.

Does Columbia University has a good pre-med program?

Columbia Southern University is a great school. The only you might want to be concerned with is the accreditation. They are nationally accredited by the DETC. Some people will try to say that regional accreditation is better, but they are pretty similar. The only problem with this prevailing misconception is that some industries look down on nationally accredited degrees. However, for any type of federal government job, it will not matter. Also, the Board of Certified Safety professionals accepts CSU degrees for their safety certification. The school is great, but it depends upon exactly what your goals are.

What type of music does Princeton like?

I wish i knew

What type of shoes does Princeton like?

The type of shoe that is the favorite of boyband Mindless Behavior's member Princeton are Jordan's. Other trivia about the band is available online at

Does Princeton from Mindless Behavior have abs?

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vanilla and strawberry

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ray roc

What type of girl does princeton want?

she has to be mindless, fashionable, and smart ofcourse !