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i have no clue!

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Q: What type of scientist collects rocks?
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Who Collects rocks?


What type of scientist studies rocks minerals and earths landforms?


A person who studies rocks and collects them for fun?

A geologist is a person who studies rocks and rock formations. A rock collector or a rock hound is a person who collects rocks for fun.

What is a machine that collects space rocks?


What kind of personality collects rocks?

A curious

What is an important type of tool used by scientist to study the relative age of rocks?

carbon dating

What step occurs after the scientist collects data?

Draw conclusions

What type of scientists study rocks?

A geologist studies rocks and what the earth is made of. A petrologist is someone who looks at rocks directly.

What type of chemist would study rock minerals?

It wouldn't be a chemist; a type of scientist called a petrologist or mineralogist studies rocks and their minerals.

Why have sedimentary rocks been very important to scientist who study how living things have changed over the ages?

Because those are the type of rocks that contain the most fossils

In Bud Not Buddy why does Mrcalloway collect rocks?

Mr. Calloway collects rocks because they were gifts for his daughter. They were rocks from every place he performed at.

What is a scientist that study rocks?

a geologist studies rocks, but volcanologists study volcanic rocks