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Q: What type of sentence is we won the trophy?
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Is we won the trophy a declarative sentence?


What is a sentence with the word trophy?

We will bring the trophy home this time.She won a trophy for her excellent dancing.

Is you won the trophy a fragment sentence?

Yes, "Is you won the trophy" is a fragment sentence because it is missing a subject and does not express a complete thought. It could be corrected by adding the subject "You" at the beginning to make it a complete sentence, such as "You won the trophy."

How do you use word trophy in sentence?

The girl won the gold trophy because she won the race.

What is a sentence with Trophy in it?

We won a terrific championship trophy from our football league.

What term does we won the trophy?

Exclamatory sentence

Is won the simple predicate for the sentence your cousin won this trophy in the race?

Yes it is

How do you use the word overjoyed in a sentence?

i was overjoyed when my team won the trophy

What is the cause in the sentence Bernie's diligent practice paid off when he won the trophy?

the cause is bernies diligent practice paid off ... the effect is he won the trophy

Can you give me a sentence for the word victorious?

The victorious football team won the trophy.

How do you make a sentence with the word won?

Here are some sentences.Our team won the prize.Who won the big game and took home the trophy?

How many cup has liverpool won?

Liverpool have won 90 cups and trophy's Spain have won 86 cup's and trophy's Barcelona have won 89 cups and trophy's Man United have won 60 cups and trophy's Brazil have won 70 cups and trophy's Chelsea have won 80 cup's and trophy's