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Spiders do not have a skeleton on the inside of their body. They have what is called an "exoskeleton" which is basically a hardened outer shell that covers their entire body.
Spiders have an exoskeleton.

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How does a spider jokey form in minecraft?

A spider jockey is a skeleton riding on a spider. A spider has a 1% chance to spawn with a skeleton on it.

Does a spider have a skeleton?

We don't know if a spider has a skeleton. Most people think spiders do have a skeleton. Some don't. We are not so sure.

Does a spider have an internal skeleton or an exoskeleton?

yes a spider have an exoskeleton.

What is a spider jocky?

A spider jockey is a skeleton riding a spider in Minecraft that is very dangerous

Show me a spider with the skeleton?


Is a spider a verterabte?

No, it has an exo-skeleton.

What type of body cover the spider?

It's called an exoskeleton. Spiders are invertibrates which mean without an internal skeleton.

What kind of spider is white with a skeleton on the back?

Sounds like a jewelled spider to me. Possibly a crab spider.

Is hydrostatic skeleton a form or type of skeleton?

A hydrostatic skeleton is a type of skeleton many animals in the animal kingdom have.

What is the difference between a worm and a spider?

a worm has no skeleton, exo or internal and has no legs, no eyes and does not prey on other animals.a spider does have a skeleton, does have eyes and legs and does prey on other animals.

What is a spider jockey?

In minecraft, a spider jockey is a skeleton riding a spider. They are very hard to find. I have encountered two of them in Xbox edition in survival mode and it took me about 15 times to hit it in order just to kill the skeleton. So when you hit the spider jockey and you think you killed it, you still have to kill the spider.

What type of skeleton does jellyfish have?

no skeleton

Does a slug worm or jellyfish have a skeleton?

They have a type of skeleton called a hydrostatic skeleton. This type of skeleton is a fluid filled sac which is surrounded by muscles.

What type of skeleton does a squid have?

it doesn't have a skeleton

What type of skeleton do echinoderms have?

Internal Skeleton!

What type of skeleton has a hummingbird?

internal skeleton

What type of skeleton is a sponge?

a sponge skeleton

What type of skeleton does a Ant have?

they have an exo-skeleton

Who would win in minecraft a spider or a skeleton?

According to minepedia [] A spider depletes 1.5 hearts in a single attack while a skeleton depletes 3 hearts [both on hard mode]. But a spider is quick and as of Beta 1.2, a spider can walk vertically up walls over every kind of block. Also, spiders are fast and are good swimmers, while skeletons are just the opposite. So with the skeleton having a higher damage ratio, and the spider having the ability to climb and being faster than a skeleton, the scenario really has many variables, where the fight is taken place, is there water? is it flat? but[TL;DR] assuming that it is just a flat wasteland taken place on dirt, the scenario favors the skeleton because it would take greater damage from the spider, which means the spider would get jolted back making the long ranged skeleton would get long ranged shots and the short ranged spider would have shot at winning because he too far back at attack at fact: A spider has 1% chance of skeleton spawning on its back, riding the spider, this mob is known as a spider-jockey.

Are scorpions a type of spider?

Scorpions are a type of spider.No.No.

What type of skeleton does an earthworm have?

The hydrostatic skeleton facilitates movement in the earthworm.Earthworms do not have a skeleton.

What skeleton type are the bones of the limbs and griddles that are attached to the axial skeleton?

The appendicular skeleton is attached to the axial skeleton.

Is a minecraft wither skeleton jockey a glitch?

Yes it is a glitch. When a spider is spawned in creative mode it has a 0.8% chance of spawning with a wither skeleton as a rider. A spider spawned in nether also has a 0.2% chance of spawning with a normal skeleton rider. The wither skeleton jockey can only be spawned in creative mode but you can fight if you open to LAN and allow cheats. Then say /gamemode 0 or /gamemode 2 to fight it in survival or adventure. It is considered weaker then the normal spider jockey becuase both the wither skeleton and spider use melee attacks. Be careful when spawning this monster and changing to survival or adventure.

Does a spider have an internal skeleton or exoskelton?

I think it is an ectoskeleton like other bugs

What type of skeleton does a bivalve have?

This is an external skeleton. It's the shell.

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