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Linux is an operating system, like Windows, that runs on the Linux Kernel, which is based off of UNIX.

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2011-03-06 23:42:17
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Q: What type of software is Linux?
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What software type is Linux classified as?

open source

Linux is a software of the type SharewareOpen Source Commercial Proprietary.?

Linux is open source, not shareware or proprietary. There are commercial Linux distributions.

Is Linux a system software or application software?

System software. In fact, Linux itself is *the* system software: The kernel of a Linux distribution and the central software of the Linux operating system.

What type of software is Linux and Windows?

Windows is a family of operating systems. Linux is a kernel upon which operating systems are built.

What is the cost of Linux software?

"Linux software" is any software that runs on Linux. As such, the price for any particular piece of software can range from nothing to several thousand dollars.

What type of software is Eset used by Linux?

Linux uses Eset as a security software. It is used to protect files and email. In real time it monitors all of the files and applications on the system.

Which type of software does linux represent?

Kernel (middle man between hardware and applications)

Is Linux an aopen source software?

The whole of the Linux kernel is open-source software.

Is there tax software for Linux anywhere?

There are several different tax software compatible with Linux. You can use Tax Act. Is another software that people use when the Linux is not available.

What other kind of software does Linux make?

Linux is not a company.

Is Linux an application software?

No, Linux is an operating system. More accurately, Linux is a monolithic kernel. Application software must include direct interaction to the user to be considered application software.

What software does Linux support?

There are thousands of pieces of software in existence. It would be impractical, if not impossible, to list every piece of software that was not compatible with Linux.

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