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What type of surgeon makes the most money?

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Plastic Surgeon

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Which career makes the most money a year?

Buisiness maybe a doctor surgeon lawyer or something go on goolge and type that in u will find an answer Sales people..

Which type of engineer makes the most money?

the world

What type of psychiatrist makes the most money?

The doctor kind..

What type of doctor makes the most money?

R.N. (registered nurse)

What type oof dentist makes the most money?

my uncle named peggy

Which doctor gets payed the most money?

Most people would go with the cardiologist, because you aren't sued as much. There is another type of surgeon who is the most payed, but he is also the most sued.

What type of welding makes the most money?

Space Welding. Yes they have welders in space!

What type of lawyer makes the most money in a year?

an attorney practicing corporate law.

What type of veterinain jobs pay the most?

it is a surgeon who gets payed the most in the veterinary world

What type of surgeon does hip surgery?

An orthopedic surgeon.

How much do surgeons earn in Idaho?

The amount of money a surgeon would earn in Idaho would depend on the type of surgeon and how many procedures he performed. On average, a surgeon would expect to make at least $200,000 a year.

What kind of surgeon does hernia repair?

General Surgeon.What type of surgeon repairs hernia's

What type of medical doctor with full experience makes the most amount money?

Anesthesiologists, averaging about $335,000 a year!

What type of surgeon performs leg amputations?

Vascular surgeon

What Type of surgeon start with the letter t?

Tree surgeon

What type of surgeon removes a brain clot?

A Neurovascular Surgeon

How much money does a dentist make per day?

It depends on the type of dentist. If you're a oral surgeon you can make over maximum wage Most dentist do very VERY well.

How much money a judge makes?

they make about $125,000 a year at the most. it depends on what type median range. this range is CJC's.

What type of surgeon does gunshot wound surgeries?

standard trauma surgeon.

What type of surgeon was Richard Kimball in the movie the Fugitive?

A vascular surgeon.

What type of macromolecule makes up most of the membrane structure?

What is the type of macromolecule that makes up most of the membrane structure?

What type of cardiac surgeon performs bypass surgery?

Cardio Thoracic surgeon

How much money would it cost for a cardiothoracic surgeon to go to school?

It depends what type of school (public vs. private) for undergrad and medical school the surgeon attends, but it will cost anywhere from $350 to $550 USD.

What type of physical therapist makes the most money?

Home care physical therapists make the most money. However, there are certain cities which pay physical therapists at higher rates. These include Nevada, Alaska, and Florida.

Which type of engineer earns the most money?

I think aerospace earn the most money