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Torture was no utilized for getting confessions during the Salem Witch Trials.

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Q: What type of torture used for those accused of witch craft in the Salem witch trials?
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Related questions

How many people were accused of witch craft in the Salem witch trials?

Around 160 were formally complained about.

Compare and contrast the Salem witch trials and McCarthyism?

Salem Witch Trials had to do with a group of girls accusing women for witch craft, while in McCarthyism a man accused people for being communist.

How was Ann Putnam Jr involved with the Salem Witch Trials?

she was an "afflicted" girl who accused many people of witch craft

Who were the first women accused of witch craft during the Salem witch trials?

Tituba, Sarah Goode and Sarah Osbourne.

Similarities between Salem witch trials and mccarthyism?

The Salem Witch Trials are similar to McCarthyism based on the idea that both were brought on by hysteria. The hysteria in the Salem Witch Trials led to many girls being accused of witch craft and hanged. McCarthyism was fueled by hysteria because people accused others of Communism on a whim. Both were fueled by paranoia. A good example of the Salem Witch Trials in literature to compare to McCarthyism is the play The Crucible.

How many accused witches were hanged in Salem in 1692?

104 people were accused of creating witch craft in the town of Salem.

What are the types of torture used for those accused of witch craft?

Emotional, Mental and of course physical tortures.

How long did the Salem witch craft trials last?

they lasted six months and twenty two days

How long did the witch craft trials last?

In Salem, the trials lasted six months. It took another five for all those remaining in jail to be cleared.

Salem witch craft trials?

Salem witch crafts were in 1962 and it was a group of people that thought they were witchs and got harshly beaten and some times hanged for beliving what they want to

Who where two well respected preachers who became involved in Salem witch craft trials?

Cotton Mather and Deodot Lawson

If you confessed to being a witch were you thrown in jail in Salem?

Sometimes but most of the time if you confessed you were spared. They did this so you could keep up accusations and this way the Salem witch craft trials continued.

How is McCarthyism and the Salem witch craft the same?

They are not. McCarthyism is the brainchild of a neuortic senator afraid of communism for no good reason. The Salem witch trials were the result of Puritan fear and an epidemic of an unidentified illness.

Who were executed during the Salem Witch Trials?

The Salem witch trials happened during the year 1692, the first to be executed was Bridget Bishop. In total 19 people were killed after being found guilty of witch craft, this is not counting the many people that they suspected died in jail.

Who did Sarah good blame for witch craft in Salem in 1692?

Sarah Good didn't blame any one she was one of the accused for doing which craft on the sick. the only people she blamed was the sick for causing histaria.

What the colonists believe about witch craft in Salem witch trials?

The Puritan colonists in Massachusetts at the time of the Salem witch panic believed that a witch was allied with the devil and did his dark work on earth. Basically, the human embodiment of evil.

What happened on October 8 1692 in the Salem witch craft?

Governor Phipps orders that spectral evidence no longer be admitted in witchcraft trials.

Can you use partisan in a sentence about the Salem which craft trials?

Oh yes. The people were partisan to the Puritan church whose teaching says witches are bad and have to die.

Did they ever prove anyone was a real witch during the witch craft time?

no The Witch Trials of Salem was all a lie, though they did convict many of being witches, with no proof other than the testimonies of the colonists.

What did the colonist in Salem believe about witch craft?

The colonists of Salem, Massachusetts believed that witchcraft was unholy and nonreligious.

What year where the Salem witch craft trails in?


What kind of people was accused for witch craft?

Mainly woman and children and the funniest thing is that most of the accused were Christians.

What is the Salem witch craft trials?

READ THIS IT WILL HELP YOU ON A TEST! The Salem witch craft trials is about a girl who started it all then told younger girls. But then people were getting acuused of it. then the judges wanted to prove if they were witches or not and there test were: to stick a pin in someomne mole if there was no pain they were a witch , another one is they would tie up a person and through them in water if they were to float they were known a s a witch . they killed lots of people by those test and they were proved wrong. EDIT: If you put that on a test, I would fail you in a heartbeat. The trials began when girls began to have epilepsy-like symptoms. We have no idea what caused it today and have many, many theories, but in 1692, they assumed it was witchcraft. When asked for names, they gave names, claiming they could see the spectors of the people hurting them. The accused were given a trial in front of a panel of judges. The only witch test employed was the Touch Test, which said that if an afflicted in a fit were touched by the witch causing it, the evil energy causing the fit would return to the witch. Of course, the results were easy to fake. The only evidence that was really used was the afflicted testimony. However, as skeptism increased, the official trials began. Contrary to popular belief, a very small percentage of the accused was executed: 19.

How many were convicted of witch craft and hung?

In the Salem witch trails, 19 people we know of were hung, though there might have been more. Over 150 people were accused of witchcraft, and they became social outcasts since their reputation was so tarnished by the accusation.

What were the Salem Witch Trials?

Salem Witch TrialsSalem Witch Trials began in 1692. As history would have you believe it the mass hysteria of the "witch hunt" was produced by a young child who had become ill. At this time there was no problem with thinking this was witch craft. However, what history often forgets and few books have entered was in fact five young women were the cause of many deaths. It was said that the young child that was in such pain and tormented could possibly be taken over by demons or witches, but nothing was done about it. One of the young girls had an argument with a laundress of a household and she talked some of her friends into getting even with the laundress and to make a long story short they started to copy the symptoms of the young child (more dramatically) accusing the poor laundress of being a witch.Panic hit the village and Puritans had trials and some people arrested were tortured into giving up names of witches they knew or face death. Unfortunately these poor souls had no alternative and they gave any name that came to their lips. Like a rolling stone gathering moss more and more people were arrested and accused. One man had heavy stones heaped on him until he would admit to being cursed by the devil, but he refused and the weight of the stones killed him. His last words were said to be "more weight". As many as 172 to 200 people were imprisoned The rest of the prisoners were left to die in the prisons never to be released. President Clinton Pardoned and sanctified 8 of the graves (with blessings) of the innocent women who were accused of witch craft.See related question below for more information about the possible causes of the Salem Witch Trials.