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A courgette (which is a zucchini) is actually a small vegetable marrow, cut for use before maturity.

A courgette is a young vegetable marrow that is an annual fruit.

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its the healthy kind of vegetable

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Q: What type of vegetable is a courgette?
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Is a courgette a fruit?

A courgette is a vegetable.

What are some fruit or vegetable from a to z?

Zucchini (a type of squash).

Is a cougette a tuber vegetable?

courgette is a fruit, for culinary purposes it is a vegetable

What is the Hindi name of the vegetable Courgette?


World record for the largest courgette?

There cannot be a world record for the largest courgette as a courgette is just a small vegetable marrow. Therefore, although the courgette becomes a marrow there is no specific point where this change happens.

What is squash in french?

If you're refering to the vegetable, it's "courgette".

What is a zucchinni?

Zucchini also know as a courgette is a vegetable in the squash family.

Can you have a recalcitrant courgette?

Recalcitrant: "Marked by a stubborn unwillingness to obey authority" ( Along these lines, every vegetable including courgette is dangerously recalcitrant.

What french vegetable dish is based on aubergine courgette pepper and tomato?


What is the difference between a cucumber and a courgette?

A courgette is a small summer squash. From the plant-science point of view it is a fruit - it develops from a flower and contains the seeds for the next generation of the plant. From the mealtime point of view, though, it is a vegetable - it is not sweet, and we eat it with the main course, not as a dessert.It is a fruit, but for culinary purposes it is a vegetablezucchini!

Which vegetable is zucchini better known as?

The zucchini is also known as a courgette. This vegetable originated from Italy, but is now grown all over Europe.

I'm wanting to make Ratatouille and need a substitute for the Courgette. What other vegetable can you substitute for a courgette in a recipe?

I'm not sure if you know that courgette is the french name for zucchini or, green squash. Perhaps, this information will help you since squash is very common and easy to find...