What type of wave is invisible heat?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What type of wave is invisible heat?
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What type of wave is heat?

Heat wave, a prolonged period of unusually hot weather

What type of heat transfer is invisible and visible lights?


What type of em wave raditiation is a type of heat wave?

Heat radiation is mainly associated with infrared radiation.

Is steam a type of heat wave a type?

No, steam is water as a gas.

What type of heat transfer moves as a wave?

for example, we can take Sun heat!

In Pokemon platinum how does staraptor learn heat wave?

Staraptor can't learn Heat Wave... Only Fire-Type Pokemon can.

What is a type of wave that is emitted by all warm bodies?


What type of invisible radiation from space can be detected from earth?

Long wave radio, short wave radio, microwave radio, heat, far infrared, near infrared, ultraviolet UV-A, ultraviolet UV-B, high energy X-rays, high energy gamma rays.

What type of electromagnetic wave that warms earth?

'Heat' is the best kind of EM wave to use for warming.

What type of wave are heat waves?

A heat wave is a prolonged but minor "drought" that occurs in an area that varies by the air pressure and the weather conditions. If you are referring to the electromagnetic wave that is felt as heat then it is "infra red" or thermal radiation.

What electromagnetic wave that can see?

none its invisible

What type of EM wave is most often associated with heat?

The ones called "heat waves", or infrared radiation.