What type of waves do holograms use?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What type of waves do holograms use?
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What type of waves do echolocation use?

sound waves

What type of waves does a light microscope use?

electromagnetic waves

What type of electromagnetic wave's do xbox live use?

Radio waves, sounds waves arn't electromagnetic waves.

What type of rays do cellphones and ovens use?

They use electromagnetic waves. cellphones use radio waves while electric and microwave ovens use infrared and/or microwaves

What are the best waves to ride a longboard on?

You can use a longboard on any type of wave but gently breaking waves are best.

Can you use any type of pink lotion to get 360 waves?


What are the uses of holograms?

in firefight it can get all ppl looking at you off you back and skirmishers can use it

Which waves are transmitted by a television remote control device?

They most use infa red but they use wireless for the more recent technology.

How can holograms benefit us?

Holograms are attractive graphic mediums & are sold in the market in a variety of forms. Since high-end holograms are difficult to replicate, they provide rather convincing proof of the authenticity of products. Holograms serve as proof of authenticity. We provide customers with Holograms that are an effective way of communicating & protecting brand identity.

How are holograms related to science?

Holograms are built using physic's principles. And physics is a science field.

What type of fighting do they use on dragon ball z?

Martial Arts and Power Waves.

What makes holograms?

Holograms are like a photograph the only difference is that instead of white light it needs a laser