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Q: What type of weathering is more rapid?
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What kind of weathering is more rapid in a warm wet climate?

chemical weathering

Rapid chemical weathering can be caused by?

Rapid chemical weathering can be caused by acid rain. It is a type of rainfall that is made acidic due to atmospheric pollution.

Is Mechanical weathering is more rapid in warm wet climates.?


Where do you find chemical weathering more rapid?

In warm or wet climate

Mechanical weathering or erosion is more rapid in what type of climate?

There are many types of mechanical weathering, some due to climatic conditions, some not. Excluding non-climatic causes, mechanical weathering such as plant root growth, would be assisted by tropical conditions which encourage plant growth and root hydraulics. In desert regions, weathering is more rapid under conditions of high wind, which causes abrasion of rock surfaces. In areas that experience hot/cold alternating temperatures, frost wedging and thermal stress will contribute to rapid mechanical weathering. The type of rock being exposed to agents of mechanical weathering would also play a part in the speed at which the weathering takes place, as some rock varieties are more easily mechanically weathered than others.

What climate is the most conducive to rapid weathering?

The climate that is the most conducive to rapid weathering are tropical climates. They will have the fastest rate of weathering.

What is a type of weathering that changes rock into one or more substances?

Chemical weathering

Chemical weathering will be most rapid in?

The Tropics.

Are landslide to rapid changes?

Erosion and weathering typically work over long periods of time, causing change slowly. However, with global warming and loss of native plants in many areas, erosion and weathering are happening at a more rapid rate.

Root pry is an example of this type of weathering.?

It is an example of mechanical or more specifically biomechanical weathering.

What is the main type of weather in in the desert?

Physical Weathering (aka Mechanical Weathering) is the main type of weathering in deserts.

Root pry is an example of this type of weathering?

Physical weathering is a term used in science that refers to the geological process of rocks breaking apart without changing their chemical composition.