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Marine lawyers specialize in the same types of laws that normal lawyers specialize in. Marine lawyers can specialize in criminal defense just like a normal one would.

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Q: What types of law do marine lawyers specialize in?
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What kind of law does lawyer help primarily deal with?

"Lawyers specialize in many different types of law, and you usually need to look for one specializing in the area you need help with. There are tax lawyers, criminal lawyers, corporate lawyers, copyright lawyers, and many other types."

What is a criminal immigration lawyer?

All attorneys are lawyers - some attorneys choose to specialize in various asepcts of the law. Thus, there are lawyers that specialize in the area of immigration law, and there are lawyers who specialize in the area of criminal law. The other possibility is - that this immigration lawyer committed a crime and now a criminal.

What law firms specialize in age discrimination lawyers?

There are many law firms that specialize in age discrimination lawyers. Some of these include: The Peace Law Firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Coane & Associates in Miami, Florida.

In what type of law does Wilson Lawyers specialize?

Wilson Lawyers company specializes in commercial law services. Commercial law at Wilson Lawyers company is composed of property law, business structuring, litigation, and personal law.

What kind of law firm has discrimination lawyers?

Many lawyers specialize in discrimination. Check with various firms for reffarls.

Are there any lawyers that specialize in discrimination suits?

There are indeed lawyers who handle discrimination law suits. You can do an online search for one in your area.

How many different types of laywer is there?

There are various types of lawyers that specialize in different areas such as criminal law, corporate law, family law, immigration law, and environmental law, among others. Each type of lawyer focuses on different legal issues and provides specialized representation and advice to clients in those specific areas.

Where can you find more information pertaining to divorce lawyers?

You can find more information pertaining to divorce lawyers at your local law firm. You can also visit law firms that specialize in divorces, such as "divorce law firms"

Which lawyers work with celebrities?

Believe it or not, there is a sub-specialty of the law known as "Entertainment Law" practiced by attorneys who specialize in this particular area of civil law.

What are some lawyers in Houston that offer birth injury assistance?

There are a wide variety of Houston lawyers and law firms that specialize in birth injury cases. For a comprehensive list of such lawyers, visit the web domain "Lawyers."

In what type of cases do maritime lawyers specialize?

A Maritime or Admiralty Lawyer generally covers national and international law off the shore. They work with marine commerce, ships, contracts and workers comp cases that occur on the worlds waters.

What type of help can you get from family law lawyers?

Family law lawyers specialize in areas of law relating to the family: divorce, abuse, adoption, parental responsibility, etc. You can get help relating to any of those situations, among others.