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There are about 17 mammal species in Antarctica. All the mammals in Antarctica are seals, dolphins and whales.

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Q: What types of mammals live in antarctica?
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What mammals live in Antarctica during the winter?

polar bears are the mammals which live at Antarctica in winter .

What kind of birds and whales live in antarctica?

No bird lives in Antarctica. Several types of sea birds breed on Antarctica's beaches, but these animals live at sea. Whales are sea mammals and do not live on Antarctica, which is a continent.

What animals live in Antarctica and not the Arctic?

No animals live in Antarctica. However, some sea birds and sea mammals come to Antarctica's beaches to breed. These include two types of penguins, and Weddell seals.

Where do most of the animals live in antarctica?

No animals live on the Antarctic continent. Several types of sea birds and sea mammals come to Antarctica's beaches, however, to breed. Otherwise, these animals live at sea.

Is there any seals in antarctica?

Seals are sea mammals and Antarctica is a continent. Yes, several types of seals live in the Southern Ocean that surrounds the Antarctic continent.

Do Arctic foxes and hares live in Antarctica?

No, both live only in the Arctic. There are no terrestrial mammals in Antarctica.

How many whale's can live in Antarctica?

None. Antarctica is a continent and whales are sea mammals.

Do orca live in Antarctica?

Orca whales are sea mammals: Antarctica is a continent. Orca whales live in the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica.

How many types of animals live in antarctica?

None. No animals live in Antarctica.

Do dogs live in antarctica?

There are no dogs that live in Antarctica. Mammals that reside in Antarctica include seals, whales, and dolphins. This is because the continent is so frigid.

Do Orca live near Antarctica?

Orca are sea mammals and live in oceans. Around Antarctica, they swim in the Southern Ocean.

How do Antarctica animals live?

There are no animals that live in Antarctica. Sea mammals and sea birds visit Antarctic'a beaches to breed.

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