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Thinning shears are a type of shears (scissors) that are used when cutting hair to thin the person's hair. They are used by barbers, hair stylist, and other hair professionals.

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Q: What types of professionals might use thinning shears?
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What are the different types of barber scissors?

Barber scissors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they can be divided into two categories: hair cutting shears and thinning shears. Barber shears, as the name implies, are used to cut hair, whereas thinning shears are used to thin out thick hair. Thinning shears have teeth on one blade that help to thin out the hair without drastically shortening it.

There are many types of grooming shears. Where can I find out what each is used for?

The woman that helped me the most was Danny at They carry Grooming Shears and she explained the differences in scissors for hair stylist and groomers. contact pet smart. tell them about your dog and they will sell you the correct blades/clippers There are long straight shears, short straight shears, long and short curved shears, and thinning shears. Straight shears are great for cutting straight lines. Use them for touching up ears, long legs, and bellies. Curved shears are good to use when the area you are cutting tends to have a curve to it. Use your curves for the head, curved areas of the legs, feet and tails. Thinning shears are used to make a natural look, thin out hair and blend in solid lines. You can use these shears just about any where on the dog depending what look you are going for.

How are offset hair thinning shears different from regular hair thinning shears besides looks?

You can visit for answers. Shears4Hair says: OFFSET Hair Shears and "regular" or "EVEN" Handled Hair shears are different in not only looks but in comfort. Most styles of shears manufactured now are an offset design. The Even handled design (regular as you called them) is classic. Older or more experienced hairstylist will often cut with the EVEN handled shears because they are used to them. OFFSET Shears have handles that are just that, offset. The way in which the finger holes do not line up makes them OFFSET. At one point it was thought that the OFFSET handled design was more ergonomic for professional hairstylist, barbers, and professional pet groomers. But, that isn't the case. Most Physical Therapist recommend that a haircutting professional use a variety of types of haircutting shears to avoid the repetitive motion diseases of the fingers, hands, and wrists. By using shears with different kinds of handles, you avoid the same repetitive motions and hopefully this will keep your fingers, hands, and wrists healthy throughout your career! :) OFFSET shears are usually more comfortable. But, comfort is the in the eye of the beholder. Just like a hard pillow is great for some, it may be awful to others. Most cosmotology, barber and professional pet grooming schools are issuing OFFSET Shears in their student kits so for younger hair cutting professionals, OFFSET shears are what they look for when purchasing new shears. It is good to have a wide variety of different hair cutting shears in your arsenal, Even handled shears, Offset handled shears, Swivel thumb shears, and crane handled shears are just some of your options. See more at

What types of thinning hair treatment do not involve surgery?

There are topical shampoos such as Rogaine to help with thinning hair. Try using a topcial shampoo or cream to help before resorting to hair transplant surgery.

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Where can one purchase shampoo for thinning hair?

To purchase shampoo for thinning hair the best place to start is a hair salon that offers professional or a wide variety of products for different hair types and needs. Beauty supply stores such as Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta are a good place to search. Do not rule out pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS, especially if a treatment shampoo for thinning hair is desired.

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