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I know that only Salvia Divinorum is the one that can be smoked, although there are a lot of kinds of salvia, and they're haven't all been tried.

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Q: What types of salvia can be smoked?
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Has Miley Cyrus smoked salvia?


Once you have smoked marijuana Does smoking salvia make THC levels rise?

My experience is that salvia and marijuana are complimentary. A little pot in a pipe with some salvia sprinkled over it and then smoked - even just one comfortable hit - can prolong the salvia effects while making the marijuana effects clearer.

Can all types of salvia be smoked?

I want to know the answer to this question too. My guess is that you can smoke them all or else there would be information to the contrary already on the net. me thinks.....????

How do they use salvia?

Salvia is either smoked with a water bong, chewed, or made into liquid form and used in a tea or drink. For more information on how to use salvia read:

Did Miley Cyrus get high?

Yes, she she smoked salvia out of a bong with some of her friends on her birthday

Have you ever smoked salvia?

yes, salvia apiana (white sage) gives you a relaxing high. easing your muscles as if you were getting a massage. but salvia divinorum leaves you clueless, and contains the strongest hallucinogen known to man.

What types of butterflies like the salvia plant?

Salvia attracts many types of adult butterflies. Swallowtails, monarchs, cabbage, mourning cloaks, and gulf fritillaries have been known to like salvia.

Did Miley Cyrus really do a drug?

Yes, she smoked salvia. Salvia diivinorum is legal in most countries and in most states in the United States. See Related Links.

Do salvia leaves need to be dry?

If Salvia divinorum leaves are going to be smoked, they need to be dried first. However, if they are going to be chewed, swallowed, or made into a tincture, they can still be wet.

Can you fail a drug test if ive smoked salvia?

No, salvia's effect cannot be found on any regular drug test. Don't worry.

What Difference between smoking salvia and smoking salvia leaf?

Salvia is either smoked as just dried leaves which doesnt have too much effect or smoking extract that has been applied to dried leaves which gets higher in potency. I would say anyone who says 'smoking salvia' is just using a term basically for the action of doing so. Anyone who is going to try Salvia should first read more information and gain knowledge,especially before buying salvia. There is a really great article here for beginners:

Can you die from salvia?

There are different types of salvia plants, some are well-known herbs and spices used in cooking, and some have medicinal properties e.g. different types of sage plants. They are also grown for their attractive flowers as a feature in a garden.Although salvias in general are not known for being deadly toxic, one salvia species (i.e. salvia dininorum) contains powerful substance, known as Salvinorin A, which has hallucinogenic effects on the human brain. Salvia Divinorum has never been linked to any deaths, so the short answer is, "No."

Did Miley Cyrus once smoke?

Yes she did once she was eighteen years old and smoked salvia out of a bong I'm not sure if she still does but I don't think so

Can you chew salvia divinorum?

Absolutely. It's called the quid method, google search it. Don't macerate it or anything, just keep it in your cheek and gently bite down on it with your teeth now and then. BE WARNED: Using Salvia this way can make it last 30-45 minutes, which is much longer than the 5-minute trip of smoking. But then again shamans traditionally say that salvia should not ever be smoked, just be careful, Salvia is powerful.

How much salvia do you smoke first time?

Before you do salvia know what you getting into, a trip twice as hard as real LSD or ACID. Salvia should be smoked through a bong, pack a full bowl for one person and light it with a butane torch lighter and burn it all. I recomomend 60x. Hold the hit in as long as you can and pass to someone else before your face melts

Is salvia used in Chinese medicine?

If by Salvia you mean Salvia Divinorum, then the answer is no. Salvia Divinorum is not used in Chinese medicine, as Salvia does not naturally grow in any region of China. Salvia Divinorum is only to be found in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Do you smoke the seeds of Salvia divinorum?

Salvia divinorum does not often produce seeds (and almost never produces viable ones). Also, the seeds are quite small and contain little Salvinorin A. Therefore, the foliage of S. divinorum is the part of the plant smoked for psychotropic effects, not the seeds.

Has salvia nemorosa got similar properties to salvia divinorum?

No, Salvia nemorosa does not contain salvinorins, the active components of Salvia divinorum.

Where did salvia originate?

Salvia is from Oaxaca Mexico.

What is a scientific name for Salvia?

Salvia divinorum

Will salvia get you high?

Depends on what kind of salvia you're talking about. Only Salvia Divinorum species can get you high. Don't get fooled, there are a lot of varieties of Salvia.

Is it normal to trip on spice?

I have smoked spice for a while and ive NEVER Triped on It to me its like bud . ive heard SALVIA IS Better for Triping I havent Tried it yet but I want to.

How many petals does salvia have?

Salvia has five petals or tepals.

How is salvia pollinated?

Salvia is pollinated by bees and hummingbirds.

Is salvia in the marijuana family?

No. Salvia is the Latin name for sage. Salvia Divinorum is therefore a psychoactive type of sage.