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I know that only Salvia Divinorum is the one that can be smoked, although there are a lot of kinds of salvia, and they're haven't all been tried.

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Q: What types of salvia can be smoked?
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Has Miley Cyrus smoked salvia?


Once you have smoked marijuana Does smoking salvia make THC levels rise?

My experience is that salvia and marijuana are complimentary. A little pot in a pipe with some salvia sprinkled over it and then smoked - even just one comfortable hit - can prolong the salvia effects while making the marijuana effects clearer.

Can all types of salvia be smoked?

I want to know the answer to this question too. My guess is that you can smoke them all or else there would be information to the contrary already on the net. me thinks.....????

Can you fail a drug test if ive smoked salvia?

No, salvia's effect cannot be found on any regular drug test. Don't worry.

How do they use salvia?

Salvia is either smoked with a water bong, chewed, or made into liquid form and used in a tea or drink. For more information on how to use salvia read:

Did Miley Cyrus get high?

Yes, she she smoked salvia out of a bong with some of her friends on her birthday

Have you ever smoked salvia?

yes, salvia apiana (white sage) gives you a relaxing high. easing your muscles as if you were getting a massage. but salvia divinorum leaves you clueless, and contains the strongest hallucinogen known to man.

Did Miley Cyrus really do a drug?

Yes, she smoked salvia. Salvia diivinorum is legal in most countries and in most states in the United States. See Related Links.

What types of butterflies like the salvia plant?

Salvia attracts many types of adult butterflies. Swallowtails, monarchs, cabbage, mourning cloaks, and gulf fritillaries have been known to like salvia.

Do salvia leaves need to be dry?

If Salvia divinorum leaves are going to be smoked, they need to be dried first. However, if they are going to be chewed, swallowed, or made into a tincture, they can still be wet.

How long does heroin stay in saliva?

I don't know what information you are getting. There never has nor ever will be heroin in salvia. Salvia itself is its own psycoactive. Even if there was it wouldn't work if you smoked it since you have to put the flame directly on salvia and that would burn the H up. You have to vaporize heroin.

How long do the effects of salvia last?

When smoked, salvia strongest effects are experienced within a minute and have been reported to last for about 5 minutes. The effects then gradually fade, leading to a return to a normal cognitive state after 15 to 20 minutes.

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