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i can type whatever i want to , and people will believe it!

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Q: What university did Albert Einstein go to?
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Did Albert Einstein attend a university?

Albert Einstein attended 1,900 university's.

Albert Einstein taught in what universities?

The universities that Albert Einstein was taught was University of Zurich, University of Leiden, Charles University in Prague.

When did albert Einstein go to the university of zurich?

in the late 1930"s

Did Albert Einstein work at Princeton or was he a student at Princeton?

Albert Einstein completed his formal education in Europe and was never a student at Princeton University. He had a faculty position at the Institute for Advanced Study, an independent institution that leased office space from Princeton University in those days. Einstein was never an employee of Princeton University.

Where is Albert Einstein's University?


When did Albert Einstein study at university?

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What is the name of the university that was named after Albert Einstein?

Yeshiva University in New York City established the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in 1955, the year of Einstein's death.

Where did Albert Einstein go?

Albert Einstein is dead now.

When did Albert Einstein attend the University of Charles in Prague?

While he wasn't a student at the university, Albert Einstein was a physics professor at Charles University in Prague in 1911.

When did Albert Einstein teach at Princeton univ?

Albert Einstein taught at Princeton University (USA) in 1932.

University Albert Einstein went to?

Einstein went to the Zurich Polytechnic in Switzerland

Was Albert Einstein a college professor?

YeaaAlbert Einstein was a professor at Princeton University.