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Q: What us the function of troponin?
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What is the function of troponin in muscle contractions?

It is involved in the regulation of the contraction of a cross-striated muscle.

What is the molecular composition of troponin?

Troponin is a major component of muscle tissue. It is composed of troponin C, troponin I, and troponin T. Troponin interacts with tropomyosin and myosin to create muscle contraction.

What holds tropomyosin in place at rest?

troponin molecules.

What is a normal level of troponin in blood?

The theraputic troponin level is 0.00.

What is troponin testing?

Troponin testing is done to diagnose heart attacks (myocardial infarctions).

What is the function of the calcium in the sarcoplasm?

Calcium is released from the sarcoplasm to bind with the troponin which allows the tropomyosin the reveal the binding sites on the actin so the muscle can contract

How are troponins I and T different?

cardiac troponin I tests measure only cardiac troponin; tests for cardiac troponin T may cross-react with troponin found in other muscles and give positive or increased results in the absence of heart damage.

What is a negative result for troponin test?

Troponin is a cardiac enzyme that your heart releases under stress.

What are the proteins are involved in muscle contraction?

Actin and myosin

What is troponin T used for?

Both troponin T and I are cardiac markers used to diagnose myocardial infarctions.

What has the author Emily Jane Austin written?

Emily Jane Austin has written: 'Characterisation of the interaction sites between Troponin T and Troponin C of the Troponin complex from human cardiac muscle'

What does an elevated troponin T level mean?

Cardiac troponin levels are usually too low to measure. Elevated troponin T levels indicate that there has been some form of damage to the heart.Strenuous exercise can also temporarily elevate troponin levels for a brief time. The effects of a heart attack would keep troponin T levels elevated for up to two weeks.