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compadre, amigo

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Q: What us the word for buddy in spanish?
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What does silent mean in spanish?

Silent doesn't have a meaning in spanish because it is not a spanish word. If you are looking for the translation, there is such a thing as google translate. Time to move out of that cave, buddy.

What is the Spanish word for the US?

Estados Unidos is the spaish word for US

What is Cajun word for Buddy?

The Cajun word for "buddy" is "copain."

What does chacho mean in Spanish?

"Chacho" is a colloquial term commonly used in Spain to refer to a friend or mate. It is similar to saying "dude" or "buddy" in English.

What is the Cherokee word for buddy?


Which country gave us the word tobacco?

it is a Spanish word

What is a two syllable word for buddy?


What is a 5 letter word for buddy?


Pirineous is a Spanish word if pirineous is a Spanish word then is pirineous the same as Pyrenees?

The Spanish word for the mountins on the north of Spain and the South of France is Pirineos (without us at the end). The word Pyrenees is French, not Spanish.

What is 'Hey buddy you can speak Italian' when translated from English to Spanish?

"Hey buddy! You can speak Italian!" in English is ¡ Ay, amigo! ¡ Puedes hablar italiano! in Spanish.

How do you say yeah buddy in spanish?

si amigo

What is the German word for buddy?

buddy = Kumpel, Kumpan, Freund