What uses of limestone in everyday use?

The most common use would probably be as cement.

1. Used as aggregate or base for roads and foundations.

2. Used in the purification of molten glass.

3. Used to remove impurities from molten iron.

4. Used as filler and abrasive in toothpastes.

5. Used in the production of Portland cement.

6. Used as an aggregate in concrete.

7. Used as a soil conditioner for neutralizing acidic soils.

8. Used as a source of calcium in supplements and food additives.

9. Used to make paper white.

10. Used in the purification of sugar.

11. Used in the manufacture of brake pads.

12. Used in the manufacture of medicinal antacids.

13. Used in the preparation of wools and dyes.

14. Used as a construction stone in buildings.

15. Used as counter tops and flooring.

16. Used as a water neutralizer.

17. Used as a paint additive.

18. Used as landscaping rock.