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Q: What variables should be controlled in an experiment?
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In an experiment what are controlled variables?

Controlled variables are quantities that must remain constant.

What needs to be controlled in an experiment?

The Variables!!

Controlled experiment is one in which?

A controlled experiment is an experiment where there are limited or no variables other than the one you are testing for.

What are factors that are held constant throughout an experiment called?

Constants are factors in an experiment that stay the same. This should not be confused with controls -- which is a standard used for comparison

How can you eliminate confounding variables in your experiment?

To eliminate confounding variables, or variables that were not controlled and damaged the validity of the experiment by affecting the dependent and independent variable, the experimenter should plan ahead. They should run many checks before actually running an experiment.

What is the difference between manipulated variables and controlled variables?

They are the same. These are names for the variables in an experiment that are controlled by the experimenter, as opposed to the output variables, the results you collect at the end of the experiment Hope this helped!

What is an advantage of an in vitro experiment?

variables and enviornment conditions are controlled

An experiment in which all variables stay the same is called?

An experiment in which all variables stay the same is called a "controlled experiment".

What factor is not changed in a experiment?

The controlled variables.

What is the controlled variables in an experiment?

Dependent Variable

How many variables does a controlled experiment have?

An experiment of any kind can have infinitely many variables. A controlled experiment can have just as many, provided that all but one are kept exactly the same.

How many variables are tested in a controlled experiment and why?

It depends on the experiment. Normally only one is tested at a time because they can affect the experiment. Variables are tested in a controlled experiment to see whether they affect the outcome and also how.