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What war killed the most soldiers?


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World War One. Precise figures are impossible because of incomplete Russian totals from both world wars, but there is agreement that more soldiers died in World War One than in World War Two. Many millions of soldiers died in both world wars.


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Dysentery killed most soldiers in the Civil War.

Illness killed more soldiers than battle.

If they weren't killed by soldiers on the opposite side, they were most often killed by their wounds getting infected. Also, many died of dysentary and measles.

The Germans had the most soldiers killed in WWI. The total was 2,050,897 military deaths. Russia had the most overall deaths with 3,311,000 (civilians and military).

Most of the soldiers who died were killed by artillery shells.

There were many American soldiers that were killed in the Iraq war. This number was in the hundreds and thousands.

2 million vietnamese civilians were killed 1,850,000 Vietcong soldiers were killed 1,087,000 South Vietnam soldiers were killed So a total of sbout 5 million Vietnamese soldiers and civilians were killed during the Vietnam war

About 908,000 Great British soldiers were killed in WW1

470,000 English Soldiers were killed in WW1

16,000 German soldiers were killed in the invasion of Poland.

that's ridiculous there have been many Jewish soldiers who have died fighting there were no Jewish soldiers killed in that war. Need to know the Number of Jewish soldiers killed in Vietnam, Korean War, and Iraq.

About 20 million were killed.

700,000 British Soldiers were killed in World War 1.

Around 40,000 Scottish Soldiers were killed during World War 2.

so far 4,365 soldiers have been killed in the Iraq war

During the American Civil War, 365,000 Union soldiers were killed. Another 275,200 Union soldiers were wounded or fell ill during the war.

11,900 New Zeland Soldiers were killed during World War 2.

5.53 Million German Soldiers were reportedly to be killed during World War 2.

1,000,000 soldiers were killed and 2,000 civilians were killed

A total of 935,136 - 1,977, 779 soldiers were killed, and about 2,098,200 were wounded.

Russia with 1.7 million killed ,followed by France with 1.3 million killed

22,256,500 German Soldiers were killed during world war 2. 2,778,000 Waffen SS Soldiers were killed during world war 2. So atleast 25 million Soldiers of Nazi Germany were killed during world war 2.

Most experts agree somewhere between 620,000 to 700,000 deaths from the civil war.

The acronym KIA, Killed In Action, is used to describe sailors, marines, coast guardsmen, airmen, as well as soldiers; when they are killed in war.

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