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since World War I, planes have been used in every war.

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Q: What wars were planes commonly used in?
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Why did they make the first airplane?

The first airplanes where used as private planes until the military required there services and where used as recon planes during the World Wars.

How are planes used for transportation?

planes today are used for transporting cargo and passengers, but in the world wars little planes sometimes carried poisonous sweets so that they could drop them from the sky and children would die from eating them planes were also used for transporting supplies such as food, water etc.

Which wars were planes used in?

WW1, Spanish Civil War, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam and countless action too small to be called wars

What cheat site has all planes unlocked in skies of wars?

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Who uses inclined planes?

Inclined planes are commonly used in a lot of objects. Inclined plains are in ladders, stairs car ramps, roller coasters, everything. So most people use them.

Is iron used on planes?

yes it is used for planes

What kinds of weapons were used that made a difference in World Wars 1 and 2?

in ww1 tanks and planes came out and ww2 had the nuke

How many wars have been caused by fighter planes?


Since the first and second world wars turkey has been the popular choice for christmas meals in malta what bird was commonly used before the wars?

a goose

How do you get planes on free battle on advance wars dark conflict?

Just choose a map with airports. And use them to produce planes.

What weapons were used in World War 1 and 2?

The list of weapons used in both wars are very extensive. I have included links which will give you a good idea of the types of planes, ships, vehicles, small arms, artillery and other armament were used in both wars.

What were the first planes used for mostly?

In WWI planes were used mostly for reconnaissance.

What are sky lanterns used for?

Sky lanterns are a small hot air balloon which is made of paper. In Asia they are commonly used for festivities. In China however they were used in wars.

What German planes were used in the blitz?

toy planes

Was there any plane used in both world wars?

There were several different types of Bi-Planes that were used in both World War 1 and World War 2. Some were used on Naval ships and some were used as reconnaissance detail. Some pilots used them as weather planes, spotters and for slow, close up flying to do a specific type of bombing or other types of attacks. I don't know the exact names of these bi-planes but there are a lot of black and white films showing them working in both wars (not the theater type of film but rather military records).

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yes you can by using action replay.

Did the wright brother's planes ever go in any wars?

no, yes....maybe?

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I don't know how cool china town wars is but if you cant get boats and planes than I don't think it's all that cool. Because on vice city you can get boats and planes.

Who uses planes?

Planes are used by people that want to travel to a different area. Planes are also used by the people in the armed services.

What weapons were most commonly used in ancient Greek wars and battles?

the most common weapon used was the sword and the spear also the shield was used as a weapon they used everything that they had as a weapon.

Were planes used in 1900?

No it was not till 1903 that planes were invented No it was not till 1903 that planes were invented.

What wars involved planes?

The first war to involve actual aeroplanes was World War One, although Hot air balloons were used as early as the Napoleonic Wars. Every war since, including WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, etcetera has used aeroplanes.

Why did Amelia Earhart used planes as means of transport?

She used planes because she loved flying.

What made World War 1 different from other wars?

The Earlier ones had planes