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Adam was the only Cartwright with a fancy east coast education but when on the Ponderosa he was a rancher like Pa, Hoss and Little Joe.

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There was only one Adam Cartwright. He was portrayed by actor Perness Roberts. Unhappy with character development Roberts left the series after the sixth season. A new character was developed, Candy who worked with the Cartwrights.

In Bonanza: Ben Cartwright rode Buck Little Joe rode Cochise Hoss rode Chub Adam rode Sport Note: The real names of the horses the Cartwright sons rode were Streak, Slippers and Tomahawk

If there ever was a grand total available, there isn't now.

The Cartwrights employed a Chinese cook named Hop Sing.

The Gamble, original air date April 1, 1962, season 3 #93.

I could not find a total for people killed but I'm sure the sum was considerably high.

Bonanza was the term for a large gold strike during the 'gold fever' days of the old west. The Poderosa was worth it's weight in gold with timber and cattle as a source of revenue, a real 'bonanza' for the lucky Cartwrights.

There has never been an accurate figure as to how many men any of the Cartwrights killed.

Bonanza was never filmed in black and white. The mother company of NBC was RCA which wanted to sell color TV's. The Cartwrights were always in color, unless of course you didn't own a color set.

Adam left right after season six.

No, Parnell Roberts played Adam Cartwright.

The Cartwright boys were: Ben "Pa", Adam, Hoss and Little Joe.

Actor Pernell Roberts played Adam Cartwright, after leaving Bonanza Roberts starred on the TV medical drama Trapper John, MD.

The charater of Adam was approximately 25 to 28 years old.

He did have a son when he left the series so maybe he did.

The clothing the Cartwrights wore every week were pretty authentic for the time period and status of the family. Although it was understood that the Cartwrights were wealthy, they ran a working ranch where every member worked very hard just as their hired men did.

Originally airing on Saturday nights, Bonanza was off to a slow start, buried under the legal genuis of Perry Mason. But when it was moved to Sundays at 9:00 pm, the Cartwrights became America's favorite family for the next 12 years of their run.

In the first episode Adam is 29, Hoss is 23, and Joe is 17

Because there wasn't one. The premise was Adam went to Australia and the writers left to storyline open in case actor Pernell Roberts wanted to come back to the role of Adam.

Any woman that became interested in any of the Cartwrights either caught a fatal disease or had a fatal accident. Little Joe's wife caught a fatal disease.

Three brothers, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe.

Pernell Roberts who played Adam Cartwright on the TV series Bonanza died January 24, 2010 .

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