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America became involved with WW2 because the Japanese bomber Pearl Harbour.

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What was Germany's reason for entering World War 2?

Because Hitler wanted to take over the world.

What was Japan's reason for entering into world war 1?

Japan was on the Allies side in WW1.

Getting out of the Great Depression?

Entering into World War 2 was the reason why we got out of the Great Depression.

What is one reason that the United States entered world war 2?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor was the primary reason for USA entering WW2The bombing of Pearl Harbor was the primary reason for USA entering WW2

What was the reason of the US for entering Vietnam War?

Vietnam was the second hot battle of the cold war (Communism VS the free world). Korea was the first.

What was the reason for Mohandas Gandhi's entering of World War 2?

Gandhi was a pacifist and didn't join up during WW2.

What was the reason for great Britain entering world war 2?

Britain had an agreement with France that if Poland was invaded they would both step in to help.

What did Americas call World War 1?

It was called "the Great War".

How did America recover from the Great Depression?

America got itslef out of the Great Depression by entering World War II. Entering the war increased the need for jobs in places such as ammunition and weapon factories. That increase in jobs is the main reason we got out of that slump.

The date when the us entered war war 2?

December 8th of 1941 was the day that the United States of America entered World War 2. The reason of entering was because the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What was the main reason Japan invaded Southeast Asia during World War 2?

because they whan to prevent the united state from entering the war. . to exploit mineral resources such as oil .

Why is the us entering world war 2 so important?

The U.S. entering world war 2 is so important because it lead to Germany being defeated again.

What was US reason for entering the Great War?

The sinking of the luistania angered Americans and congress declared war on the centeral powers

What was the reason for the cold war?

soviet union was communist country while America was democracy.Americas and Europeans was afraid that soviets force the rest of the world to communism. That is why they started the cold war that ended in 1991

How did different groups of Americas respond to World War 1 situation in 1939?

World War 1 took place from 1914-1918. It was World War 2 that took place in 1939. During the Second World War, most Americans wished to remain neutral. However, when it seemed like Germany would win the war in mid 1940, many agreed on entering the war since it would become a national threat.

What are some of the disadvantages from the US entering World War 2?

There are several disadvantages to the US entering World War II. The most serious concerns were that there would be many casualties and that the economic cost of the war would be enormous.

What goal did America have when entering World War 1?

To make the world safe for democracy

What were Germany's goals entering World War 2?

There goals where to become a world power.

What was the slogan for entering World War 1?

its actually "make the world safe for democrasy"

Russian Population during World War 2?

The population of Russia prior to their entering World War II was 109,300,000.

What court case accured during World War I in 1919?

the united states entering the war

Why the US opposed entering the Great War?

FDR wasnt opposed to entering the war however the American congress would have voted against it as they were more concerned about improving Americas economy. Also the war was in Europe so at the time it was no concern of theirs until japan attacked pearl harbour.

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