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He was a professional Baseball player and a professional Basketball player.

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Professional Baseball player

Also a professional Basketball player.

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Q: What was Chuck Conners profession before he acted in 'The Rifleman'?
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Who played in the tv series the rifleman?

Chuck Conners

What was Chuck Conners character name on The Rifleman?

His character was Lucas McCain.

Did Gunsmoke's JAmes Arness play major league baseball? probably have him confused with Chuck Conners, who starred in the TV Western Series, The Rifleman. Conners played briefly in the Majors with the Brooklyn Dodgers and Chicago Cubs.

What kind of rifle did Chuck Conners have in the Rifleman?

It was a customized Winchester rifle.

Were Chuck Conners and Mike Conners brothers?


Who was the mlb player who went on to become the star of a popular TV western series?

Chuck Conners who played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and Chicago Cubs became an actor and starred in the TV series "The Rifleman".

Who was The Rifleman?

Chuck Connors starred in The Rifleman.

How did chuck conners die?

heart failer

Are Chuck Conners and Mike Conners the actor related?

The two actors are unrelated .

Who was the first to break a basketball backboard?

chuck conners

When did chuck conners play with Boston celtics?


Who was the rifleman's wife?

chuck connors

Who played The Rifleman?

Chuck Connors

Did chuck conners pitch on the mobile braves baseball team?


Was the kid who played Chuck Conner's son Mark on the Rifleman's gay?


Where did chuck conners live?

I heard he lived on Candy Cane Lane in woodland Hills Ca.

Where was chuck connors parents from?

Chuck Conners' parents were immigrants from the then-nation of Newfoundland, now the province of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.

How many people did chuck connors kill as rifleman?


What breed of horse did chuck connors ride on the show branded?

a black and white Paint

What number was Chuck Conners when he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers?

He was number 71

Is chuck conner of the rifleman dead?

Type your answer here... I DONT KNOW

What happened to chuck connors rifle he used in the rifleman?

Western Museum

Who is chuck conner?

Chuck Conner was a television actor of the 1950's and 60's. His most notable series was "The Rifleman."

Was Chuck Conners of Rifleman gay?

He was in a gay movie when he was very young. I saw a clip of it in Hustler magazine around 1976-1977. It shocked me - he was doing 69 with another young man. He was quite strong, supporting his buddy in the air while lying on his back on a sofa. Make of it what you will. I suppose he needed the money terribly at that time in his life.

What was the name of the famously tall TV actor from the 50's60's and 70's?

Chuck Conners