What was Johnny Depps first band called?

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The name was P.

Who is Johnny Depp?

John Christopher "Johnny" Depp II (born June 9, 1963) is anAmerican actor known for his portrayals of offbeat and eccentriccharacters such as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbeanfilm series, and Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He has collaborated with director and close fri ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the band Johnny Depp is in?

Depp has actually played in a couple of bands. A band called "The Kids" who went on to change their name to "Six Gun Method". He also collaborated with the band Rock City Angel. Currently he plays with his band "P".

What movie did Johnny Depp first star in?

The first thing that I ever saw him in was Twenty One Jump Street. . His first major film was nightmare on elm street. . I think you are right Nightmare on Elm Street did predate Twenty One Jump Street.

What Movies has Johnny Depp Been In?

These are just some: . Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy . Edward Scissorhands . Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . Public Enemies . The Ledgend of Sleepy Hallow . Corpse Bride . Sweeney Todd . Alice in Wonderland (coming March 2010) . Cry Baby

Does Johnny Depp love you?

Well...He might not know who you are but he is MADLY in LOVE with a girl name Crystal Anne Bowles from Portland Oregon. (he has frenched kissed her so many times!)She goes to The Village Free School.

What movies were Johnny Depp in?

Sin City 3 (2012) ( in production ) (rumored) .... Wallace . The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2011) ( pre-production ) (rumored) . Rango (2011) ( post-production ) (voice) .... Rango . Alice in Wonderland (2010) ( post-production ) .... The Mad Hatter . The Rum Diary (2010) ( ( Full Answer )

Is Johnny Depp British?

no he is American and always has been he was never prodestant he is a non-practicing catholic

What films has Johnny Depp been in?

Johnny Depp has been in the following films: -A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) -Private Resort (1985) -Platoon (1986) -Cry Baby (1990) -Edward Scissorhands (1990) -Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) -Arizona Dream (1993) -Benny & Joon (1993) -What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) -Ed Wood (1994 ( Full Answer )

How rich is Johnny Depp?

At the minute he is about $80million dollars rich,he will be filming 12 more films withing the next 3 years,at the end of that he should have around $200 million dollars richer

Does Johnny Depp do commercials?

I'm 99% sure he doesn't. He doesn't even do TV shows. He is on commercials though...on trailers for his many awesome movies. =] He did a series of print ads for H&M in Europe.

Where did Johnny Depp go to school?

he went to high school in Miramar, FL 33025, and the school was the Broward, and if you have anymore things to ask just find the guy on facebook, his email is batmanjohnnyd@yahoo.com //Depp's family moved many times during his childhood, so of course he changed schools frequently.//

What was johnny cash's first band?

His first band was the Landsberg Barbarians. It was a band he formed with two others in Germany when he was in the Air Force.

Are lesbians attracted to Johnny Depp?

HELL YEAH!!!!!!! straight guys are attracted to johnny depp! thus meaning!! every human being is attracted to the hott hunk of johnny depp =]

Is Johnny Depp quitting acting?

Johnny Depp is NOT quitting acting [thank god], he is still finding more movies and loving every minute of it. He's great at what he does

What are Johnny Depps movie in order?

2017 Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Men Tell No Tales ( filming ) Captain Jack Sparrow. 2016 Alice in Wonderland: Throughthe Looking Glass ( post-production ) Mad Hatter. 2015 Yoga Hosers ( post-production ) Guy Lapointe. 2015 London Fields ( post-production ) . 2015/I Black Mass ( complet ( Full Answer )

Does Johnny Depp have Facebook?

No. Johnny Depp does not have any social networking website accounts such as, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc.

What kind of education does Johnny Depp have?

Johnny Depp dropped out of highschool at the age of 16. He never went to university, but he did undertake a series of acting classes after completing A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Did Johnny Depp live in Florida?

Yes, and according to a number of people who live or lived in Miramar, Florida at the time- He went to Miramar High School too.

What are Johnny Depp highlights?

Officer Tom Hanson- 21 Jump Street . Gilbert Grape- What's Eating Gilbert Grape? . Jack Sparrow- POTC 1, 2, 3, and 4 . Edward Scissorhands- Edward Scissorhands . Willy Wonka- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . The Mad Hatter- Alice In wonderland

What obstacle has Johnny Depp overcome?

The biggest obstacle we all face is ourselves. For a while Depp was his own worst enemy but with age he seems to be more comfortable in his own skin.

Does Johnny Depp live in Bristol?

No, Johnny Depp lives in the French village 'Plan De La Tour' with his partner of eight years-Vanessa Paradis, his daughter-Lily-Rose and his son-Jack He also has a place in L.A. which he uses when he's shooting movies in th U.S.

Does Johnny Depp has been in prison?

if you mean has johnny depp been in prison then yes.. once for assault to papparazzi and the other case was pleded not guilty //Johnny Depp has never been in prison. He was arrested twice, for busting up a hotel room and a scuffle with the papparazzi. He spent one night in jail, not prison.

What does Johnny Depp like in a girl?

He seems to like a pretty face but they must have substance also. All of his women have been bright, accomplished people in their own right.

Movie directed by Johnny Depp?

Johnny has directed 3 things so far. 1.) a T.V. short called 'Stuff' 2.) a film called 'The Brave' 3.) a documentary that is currently in post production If you would like any more information, go to imdb.com

How much for Johnny Depp to visit you?

I am going to assume the question is how much money would someone pay to visit Johnny Depp. I'm the biggest Depp fan there is. He's the best actor going right now and he deserves all the success that has come his way. But I wouldn't pay money to visit him. In reality, he's a stranger. Someone I don' ( Full Answer )

Does Johnny Depp fly to his island?

no he owns a 156ft yhat and he has said "money cant buy you happiness but it can buy you a big enough yhat to sail right to it".

Why is Johnny Depp sucessful?

Johnny Depp is successful because of his acting skills. He has starred in movies such as Pirates Of The Carabean, Blow, Edward Scissorhands, Alice and Wonderland, and start his career off by starring in a tv Series called "21 Jumpstreet" And plus.. he's quite handsome! :)

What media did Johnny Depp work in?

I believe you meant "In what media DOES Johnny Depp work in?", seeing as he is still alive and still working. To answer the question, he is an A-list actor.

Why is Johnny Depp scared of clowns?

I have never heard any specific reason, but many people dislike clowns. Especially after the arrest of the serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Are you Johnny Depp?

Well... I don't think you're up for the challenge. But, if you by a puppy and clean your old english mustache you might get a piece of dirt on you. So, continue your Johnny Depp journey at Johnny.depp.org.