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Q: What was Kevin James and Leah remini's salary?
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Did any of Leah reminis real life siblings appear on the king of queens?


Are Kevin James and Leah remini friends in real life?


Why did King of Queens end?

Kevin James and Leah remini asked for more money and CBS didn't agree. Kevin was already a hit at box office and has movie roles. Both kevin and Leah made $500,000 per episode.

Why King of Queens ended?

Kevin James and Leah remini asked for more money and CBS didn't agree. Kevin was already a hit at box office and has movie roles. Both kevin and Leah made $500,000 per episode.

Is Kevin James Jewish?

I'm told he is catholic or christian. Did you know Leah remini (Carrie)(King Of Queens) is a member of the church of scientology

What was Grace Poole's salary?

5 times that of Leah's.

Name a tv couple whose marriage you dont want to emulate?

Doug and Carried Heffernan from "King of Queens" (Kevin James and Leah Remini)

How much did actors get paid for king of queens?

Kevin James made an estimated 200,000 per episode for King of Queens. Leah Remini also made an estimated 200,000 per episode.

Did Leah remini and Kevin James get along on sitcom?

TV Guide: Did you and Kevin always get along, or did you bicker like any real-life married couple?Remini: There have been shows where Kevin and I weren't talking, which actually makes me laugh out loud when I see them. Like, "Oh, my god, I had to lay on top of him and he wasn't talking to me!"

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Who starred in the TV show The King of Queens?

Kevin James as Doug Leah Remini as Carrie Jerry Stiller Arthur Patton Oswalt as Spencer Victor Williams as Deacon Gary Valentine as Danny Nicole Sullivan as Holly

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Leah means smart, athletic, brave, and funny in greek.