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Naruto doujinshi means fan made art based off the series. Doujinshi is much like fanfiction, but instead it is drawn in comic/manga style with a story using the Naruto characters.

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Q: What was Naruto Doujinshi best known for?
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Where you can read sasunaru doujinshi in English?

The best and free website for sasunaru doujinshi is "".

Who are daisuke and shina Uchiha?

Daisuke and Shina are both children of Sasuke And Sakura. They are also known as "The New Naruto Generation" Many doujinshi's that has to do with Sasuke and Sakura's kids has the names of Daisuke and Shina as there children. It is known that there is one more child, which is the youngest in the family. It is a boy but the name hasn't been revealed yet.

Is Sasuke the best in Naruto?

No the best in Naruto is Naruto lol or kakashi

What is powerpuff girls d?

The Powerpuff Girls D - The "D" stands for Doujinshi. Which is Doujinshi's different version of the Powerpuffs.

Where do you read soul eater doujinshi?

A really good place to get Free Translated Doujinshi is this site;www.doujin-moe.usIt has many Shonen Jump hentai including; Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and many others.Some video games titles are in there too like Final Fantasy.Also, there are an unbelievable amount of Hentai picture.WARNINGPlease, please do not look at any of the movies. They will freeze your computer. I learned this the hard way.- Naruto Master 1514

Has Ulquihime doujinshi EST been translated into English?

I have a German translation here... If you want I can try my best to translate it into Enlish

Where can you find Bleach non-hentai doujinshi? then search for the genre doujinshi there are many DJ manga for Bleach but most of it is yaoi

How do you make your own doujinshi?

start drawing.

Which is the best Naruto warcraft map?

i think that the best naruto map is naruto shippuden destiny 2.00 (kristi papa)

Are there any rima and nagihiko doujinshi?

there are only one

What Kakuzu Hidan Doujinshi has Kakuzu remembering his past?

no he does not

Who is the best Naruto cosplayer group?

I say the best naruto cosplayer group is the fightingdreamers pro