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What was President Franklin Roosevelt's program of relief?


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FDR's programs for relieving the American public during the Great Depression is called the New Deal. It established federal agencies and programs such as the FDIC, Social Security, and the SEC. It also provided jobs to unemployed workers through programs such as the WPA (Works Progress Administration).

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Franklin Delanor Roosevelt is noted for his relief program. The program you are to referring was called the New Deal. The program was "great" in its size and scope. Whether it was great in in the sense of lasting excellence is debatable.

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Relief, recovery and reform.

I am not sure what you want to know. The Red Cross is a private relief organization. They are not under control of the President and they decide where to focus their relief efforts.

He started the New Deal, which was a program designed to alleviate the problems of the Great Depression. This policy had three general goals; relief for the poor, economic recovery, and financial reform.

Direct economic relief would be given to the people

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt launched his New Deal program during the first one hundred days of his first presidential term. As the effects of the Great Depression continued to grow, Roosevelt, with the cooperation of Congress tried several methods to bring some economic relief to the country.

Harry Hopkins was Roosevelt's Chief Administrator of Relief

The President that proposed the New Deal was Franklin D. Roosevelt. The programs in the New Deal focused on relief, recovery, and reform.

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relief, recovery, and reform

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Yes, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, proposed in 1933, was a series of programs that were intended to help the country recover from the devastation created by the Great Depression. It included things such as jobs programs and emergency relief programs.

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