What was Priscilla Presley's maiden name?

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Priscilla Beaulieu.
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Where are Priscilla Presley's parents?

Ann & Joseph Paul Beaulieu are in their 80's and live not to far from Priscilla's BEVERLY HILLS home (not Bel Air) in Brentwood CA. Mother and daughter talk almost daily...the

Is Priscilla Elvis Presley's wife?

One and only wife and ex-wife. Priscilla Beaulieu Presley [b. May 24, 1945] and Elvis Aaron Presley [January 8, 1935-August 16, 1977] were married on May 1, 1967; separated on

What is Priscilla Presley's son's name?

In late 1984, Priscilla began dating screenwriter Marco Garibaldi. They were together for nearly 22 years. The couple have a son, Navarone (born March 1, 1987).
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Was Priscilla Beaulieu Elvis Presley's cousin?

No, she was not Elvis' cousin you may be getting the story mixed up with Jerry Lee Lewis . Lewis married his first cousin and it damaged his career.
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How do you say priscilla presleys maiden name?

She was born "Priscilla Ann Wagner" but never knew her biological Father. Hence, she kept/used the name "Priscilla Ann Beaulieu" taking the name of her Stepfather (note: Prisc
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Why was Priscilla at Elvis Presley's party?

Initially she was introduced to Elvis while he was in the US Army in Germany in 1960. She was the daughter of a military man also stationed in Germany (i.e. she grew up believ