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American patriot Samuel Adams had no middle name. His tombstone proves this as it simply states, "Samuel Adams."

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Q: What was Samuel Adams middle name?
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What is Samuel Adams middle name?

Samuel adams middle is hopkins

Is Samuel Adams' middle name Hopkins?

No, he had no middle name.

What was Samuel Adams full name?

His full name was: "Samuel Adams"He had no other names.

What is the name of Samuel Adams' mother?

Samuel Adams mother was named Mary Adams. Samuel Adams was known as one of the founding fathers of the United States.

What is the name of the firstbornson of John Adams?

Samuel Adams.

What were Samuel Adams nicknames?

One name Samuel Adams went by was "Father of the American Revolution"

Who and what was Samuel Adams' mothers name?

Mary (Fifield) Adams

What is Thomas Adams Middle name the inventor of Bubble gum?

Thomas Adams had no middle name.

What was John Adams's middle name?

John Adams , the second president , did not have a middle name. His son, John Quincy Adams, obviously had the middle name of Quincy.

What Samuel Adams kids name?


Was Samuel Adams a spy?

my name is bob

Was Samuel Adams related to American father John Adams?

According to research, Samuel Adams is not related to the American founding father John Adams. Samuel Adams was one of thirteen children whose father had the same first name as he does.

Who were the sons of liberty and who was their leader?

I can only name a few, but Samuel Adams, John Adams, and John Gill were a few of the members. The leader was Samuel Adams.

Who was Samuel Adams?

Samuel Adams was a patriot.

What was Samuel Adams known as?

Samuel Adams.

What was the name of Samuel Adams dog?

Beacon Hill

What is heidi klum's middle name?

Her name is Heidi Klum Samuel.

What is john adams middle name?

John Adams was the second President of the United States, from 1797 to 1801. He did not have a middle name; his full name was John Adams Jr.

What is Helen Kellers middle name?

Helen Keller's middle name is Adams. Her full name would be Helen Adams Keller.

How was Samuel Adams adulthood?

samuel adams adulthood \

What was Samuel Clemen's middle name?

Samuel "Langhorne" Clemens

What was John Quincy Adams Middle name?

His middle name was Quincy.

How were presidents John Adams and Samuel Adams related?

Samuel Adams and John Adams were cousins.

Who is John Adams related to?

john Quincy Adams and Samuel Adams are the only one i can name of the top of my head

What were Samuel Adams kids ' names?

Charles Adams Samuel Adams elizabeth Adams Mary Adams