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Q: What was Shawn Johnson's elementary PE teacher?
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What does a PE teacher wear?

A PE teacher wears a top and track suite bottoms

How much money does a pe teacher get a year?

a pe teacher gets paid the same amount as a teacher :)

Who is the fittest teacher in school?

the PE ( physical education ) teacher!

Do you need pe to be a PE teacher?

Study lessons in school and uni to do with the body.

Can a pe teacher watch you get changed?

no thats disgusting fire this teacher

What subjects should you take to become PE teacher?

PE, for a start. Should you go onto further education, study to become a teacher.

Pay for a PE teacher?

about 25 grand

Is a pe teacher good pay?

obviously not

Who is the best PE teacher?

Coach Evans

How much does a PE teacher get a year?


What do need to do become a pe teacher?


What does the PE teacher do during an earthquake?