What was Tanzania before Tanzania?

In colonial times, Tanzania was not formed yet. It was formed from a colony named Tanganyika and an island named Zanzibar. In 1900, Tanganyika was governed by the Germans, and Zanzibar was governed by the British. But after the German's defeat in World War I, Tanganyika became controlled by the British. Than after World War II, the United States had control of Tanganyika, but of course they let them free. Tanganyika became free on December 9, 1961 and the island of Zanzibar became free shortly after on December 19, 1963. The two countries decided to form together and make the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. The name was shortened to make it easier to say on October 29, 1964 and it is now called the United republic of Tanzania or just Tanzania. The name was made like this:
Tan [ganyika] + Zan [zibar] + ia [ suffix for country ].

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